WEGAME Awards will involve professional publishers, game development specialists, thousands of gamers, and provide you with a feedback from professional judges.

Participate in the awarding if you want everyone be aware of your project!

  • Best Game Design
    The Best Game Design according to WEGAME
  • Best Game Art
    The Best Game Audio according to WEGAME
  • Best Mobile Game
    The Best Mobile game at WEGAME festival.
  • Best VR Game
    The Best VR product at WEGAME festival.
  • Best PC Game
    The Best PC game according to WEGAME
Special nomination
  • Audience Awards
    Choice of attendees and guests of WEGAME festival
  • Special WEGAME Awards
    Special award from WEGAME festival organizers.
1st stage

icon Submission of applications


The contest is open to developers and/or legal representatives of developer of games released in 2018-2019.

2nd stage

icon Selection of participants


The judges will determine the winners of the competition by simple voting. The Participant that receives a majority of votes becomes a Winner in the nomination.

3rd stage

icon Announcement of finalists


The list of finalists will be published on the official website of WeGame 5.0.

4th stage

icon Awarding


The winners will be awarded by the contest organizer on the main stage of the festival WeGame 5.0.

  • Alexey Uslavtsev
    Alexey Uslavtsev
    Devil's Dozen Games - Executive Producer
  • Taras Tarasov
    Taras Tarasov
    Game Industry Consulting - CEO
  • Artem Mironovsky
    Artem Mironovsky
    CEO & Founder в Red Beat
  • Roman Martynyuk
    Roman Martynyuk
    CEO AppMania
  • Alexandr Shvyrlo
    Alexandr Shvyrlo
    Associate Producer at Ubisoft Ukraine
  • Anatoliy Sekachov
    Anatoliy Sekachov
    Game Designer at Social Quantum
  • Alex Andrusevich
    Alex Andrusevich
    Environment Team Lead at Plarium Kharkiv
  • Denys Voroshylov
    Denys Voroshylov
    Head of Marketing at Devart
  • Vitali Granetski
    Vitali Granetski
    Game designer and curator of Indie direction at Games Gathering Odessa
  • Sergey Lesiuk
    Sergey Lesiuk
    Senior Concept Artist at Wargaming Kyiv