Table games

Until recently table games were the main way to have fun both with friends and in a family circle. Any table game requires in average from two to four people in order to solve game tasks, following certain rules. Best table games are based on the interaction between the players: they have to cheat, persuade, threaten and “play the game of thrones” with friends and relatives. To buy table games is not too difficult, and in olden days, especially in turbulent 90s, when there were power cutoffs regularly, families used to play some kind of Monopoly or other table games. As time passed, table games have changed. Ukraine has changed as well. The variety of entertainments has grown extremely. Table games have begun to lose ground, driven out by computers, game consoles and smartphones, which became smarter than their owners.


Kyiv has a lot of shops for those who still prefer table games. The first visit to any of them may hit like a ton of bricks. Assortment is dazzling. In our childhood there were one or two table games, today their number is huge. Before buying a certain table game, one should surf the internet, read game descriptions and reviews of those who already have one. But table games differ not only by the number of players and rules. What do you think of a game with five players, where four of them have to chase a vampire (the fifth player) and the latter has to do everything in order to put a crimp in this process? This table game, if you're interested, is called Fury of Dracula and is able to provide gaming experience that can not be gained using any kind of console.

Today best table games offer not just to roll a dice and move pieces, but to trade on the stock exchange or investigate crimes or to fly to Mars. In other words, the assortment is impressive.


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