Cybersport Zone

Cybersport Zone

Cybersport enthusiasts and professionals will be able to fight in a virtual arena.

WeGame 5.0 eSports Festival in Kiev 2019 | Cybersport Tournament in Ukraine - 1

Within 30 years of its existence, eSports grew from a niche activity to a large industry with millions of fans across the globe. Interested in video games and dream of becoming an eSports athlete? Welcome to WEGAME 5.0!

eSports tournaments 2019

An eSports prize fund is a great motivator. Depending on a tournament and an eSports discipline, every player may become a millionaire winning one game. Dota Pro Circuit (particularly, The International), LoL World Championship, and CS: GO Major Championships are currently known as the major tournaments. The promising Fortnite World Cup is to be added to this list in 2019.

eSports: games with the biggest prize funds in 2018:

  • Dota 2 – $25.5 m;
  • League of Legends – $4.6 m;
  • ​​​​​​​Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – $1 m.

The International 2019

The International is a Dota 2 tournament organized by Valve. The championship competition will take place in China (Shanghai) at Mercedes-Benz Arena on August 20-25, 2019. The annual tournament will be held for the ninth time in a row. It will traditionally become the major Dota 2 competition over a year.

LoL 2019 World Championship

League of Legends tournament is a competition between the most powerful teams of the professional LoL leagues. It has been organized by Riot Games since 2011. The annual event has a prize fund of $4.6 m. LoL World Championship broke the record of views in 2016 when 43 m people were watching the grand final. A total amount of spectators - 396 m.

CS: GO Major Championships

In 2018, CS: GO developer Valve brought changes to the format of the major tournaments. They currently comprise three stages: New Challengers (previously, LAN qualification), New Legends (former group stage), and New Champions (playoff). An annual prize fund of every tournament of CS: GO Major Championships is $1 m.

Fortnite World Cup 2019

Golden Joystick Awards recognized Fortnite as the game of 2018, which led to the expected result – Fortnite developer Epic Games announced the first game tournament in 2019. According to the organizers, Fortnite World Cup will have a considerable prize fund - $100 m.

eSports zone at WEGAME 5.0

WeGame 5.0 eSports Festival in Kiev 2019 | Cybersport Tournament in Ukraine - 2

LAN tournaments beat any online competition due to an adrenaline rush it causes. Will fans support your team or jeer at it? Will you beat competitors or watch them triumph? Offline tournaments force you to leave your shell. Here, players will come face to face with rivals and crowds of fans.

WeGame 5.0 eSports Festival in Kiev 2019 | Cybersport Tournament in Ukraine - 3

In April 2019, eSports LAN tournaments will be part of WEGAME 5.0. We invite everyone! Just register on our website and qualify online.

What does WEGAME 5.0 have for eSports athletes and spectators?

  • drive and fans support;
  • large-scale spectacle;
  • money reward and valuable prizes from sponsors.

More info on disciplines and a prize fund of WEGAME 5.0 tournaments as well as shortlisting is coming soon. Follow updates on our website and in social networks.


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Guests of the festival WEGAME will see the best cosplayers from all over Ukraine!



The first special Awarding ceremony at WEGAME festival for professional and independent video game developers.