Cyberfootball Zone

Cyberfootball Zone

Join the first FIFA 17 tournament on WEGAME festival. Organizers of tournament – eSports Dynamo Kyiv feat ESFU. Prize fund 10 000 UAH!

Rules of contest


Organizers of eSports football tournament WEGAME FIFA17 CHAMP – eSports Dynamo Kyiv feat ESFU.

Applications will be accepted on April 8, from 11:00 to 13:00 directly at the event venue.

There are just 64 places in the tournament, therefore do not postpone the registration.


1st place – 5 000 UAH;

2nd place – 3 000 UAH;

3rd place – 2 000 UAH.


On the first tournament day, players will compete till the first win (Best of 1).

On April 9, eSports footballers will fight in the Best of 2 format, and in case of a tie at 1/16 stage, a golden goal will resolve the situation.

Starting from 1/8 final, matches will be held in the Best of 3 format.


April 8:

from 11:00 to 13:00 – registration for the tournament;

from 13:10 to 15:30 – first half of qualifying stage;

from 16:40 to 19:00 – second half of qualifying stage.

April 9:

from 11:30 to 13:00 – 1/16 stage;

from 13:00 to 14:00 – 1/8 stage;

from 15:00 to 16:00 – quarterfinal;

from 16:00 to 17:00 – semifinal;

from 17:00 to 18:00 – final;


It's no secret that world’s most popular sport is football. None of other disciplines has such a broad fan base.

Thus, it is no wonder that in 1993 Electronic Arts launched its first game of football simulator series. FIFA International Soccer (also known as FIFA 94) has led off the franchise, new parts of which annually gladden eSports football fans across the world. Currently, the core line includes 24 games, save for a smartphone version called FIFA Mobile.

Initially, the game has been launched for such consoles as Sega Mega Drive, Master System, Game Boy and others. And now, every version is available not only on popular PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles but also on PCs. Nevertheless, a majority of professional players still prefer to play FIFA on consoles.

Nowadays, eSports football is one of the most popular and rapidly developing eSports disciplines. This year, EA Games holds Ultimate Team Championship, FIFA 17 tournament, with the total prize pool of $1 300 000. First qualifying stages have started in winter and a final will take place in Berlin on May 20. Events are broadcasting both online and on major TV channels. For instance, EA Games has signed the agreement on broadcasting BT Sport tournaments in the UK and Ireland.

The forthcoming FIFA championship has drawn significant attention of classic football clubs. Many professional football clubs from European countries have already launched eSports events and are assembling national eSports leagues.

Taking about the CIS states, recently, they have hosted the Russian Premier League Cup on FIFA 17, involving eSports football players authorized by professional football clubs of the Russian Federation. The winner was Andrey «Timon» Guriev, representing CSKA. Prior to this tournament, such popular Russian clubs as Arsenal, Lokomotiv, Ural and others formed eSports teams.

Today, the FIFA tournament is a frequent event, but it is mostly held online, which discourages prestige of the discipline. At this point, it is reasonable to mention The International Dota 2 competitions that attract attention of both video game fans and general public with their immensity and impressiveness.

Launched in 2016, FIFA 17 has become a significant event for the series, expanding its fan base. One of the main reasons of success is the fact that FIFA tournament in the LAN format is no rare exception but rather a quite popular event due to the launch of new part and announcement of Ultimate Team Championship. Generally, competitions are held on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms, popular among professionals.

According to experts, 2017 will be a key year in the development of the FIFA as an eSports discipline. Previously, the game has been pretty popular among fans, but developers have not supported it in a proper way. But now, when EA Games has started actively popularizing the eSports element of its product, we can expect more and more success in this area.

At WEGAME, the festival of game and geek culture, you will be also able to enjoy FIFA 17 tournament. It has already become a traditional part of our program, including not only competitions among professionals and amateurs but also the meeting between fans and real eSports football stars!

Attend WEGAME and show your skills in the world’s most favorite simulator. Becoming a winner of the FIFA tournament, you will obtain not only money reward but also invaluable experience, flood of positive emotions and recognition by game community!

 Cybersport Zone

Cybersport Zone

Cybersport enthusiasts and professionals will be able to fight in a virtual arena. Tournament is organized by Vault, a computer clubs chain. Sponsored by HyperX. THE OVERALL PRIZE FUND OF WEGAME 30 000 UAH!



Guests of the festival WEGAME will see the best cosplayers from all over Ukraine!



The first special Awarding ceremony at WEGAME festival for professional and independent video game developers.

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