Sayri Adventure


Sayri Adventure

The third-person puzzle adventure about Journey, Beauty, and Friendship. The game what keeps a player in a relaxing magical fairy tale.
Sayri is a cute, clever, emphatic extraterrestrial creature living in a beautiful and friendly world. That’s the way it has always been, older generations handed over their telekinetic abilities to the younger one.

Unfortunately, everything has an end. The planet of Sayri gets into a huge disaster. The inhabitants must leave their world and use interplanetary ships built by forgotten ancestors. The capsule of Sayri is landed on an unknown planet.

Sayri tries to survive and find a new home. The new planet is unknown and has many secrets and obstacles Sayri is not able to solve alone…

Help Sayri to find a way home together with new friends – inhabitants of an unknown world!


The list of nominations in which the game participates:
  • Best Game Design
  • Best Game Art
  • Best PC Game