John Uke: Games are a great way to meet new friends

During a presentation at WEGAME 3.0, speaker John Uke described the features of GameTree social app for gamers. “Games are...

25 May 2017

Wojciech Pazdur: The main thing in the game is to tell the story

Wojciech Pazdur is a Creative Director at The Farm 51 and regular participants of WEGAME festivals, who was a speaker...

24 May 2017

Feedback on WEGAME 3.0 festival from NLO TV channel representative

WEGAME 3.0 presented a lot of interesting zones. Previously, we published interviews where speakers, exhibitors, and WEGAME Awards ceremony participants...

23 May 2017

The interview with a Ubisoft’s representative at WEGAME 3.0

For the first time, Ubisoft Entertainment, its Ukrainian studio Ubisoft Kiev in particular, was among exhibitors of a demo zone...

19 May 2017

Interview with Pavel Lenec – CEO at Arrible and speaker of WEGAME 3.0

Arrible company was an exhibitor at WEGAME 3.0 and a participant of WEGAME Awards ceremony. It is raising funds for...

18 May 2017

How does one organize an eSports tournament? Presentation from Pavlo Kovalenko at WEGAME 3.0

First day of WEGAME 3.0 presentations has been notable for the speech from Pavlo Kovalenko, the founder of Anima Unity...

18 May 2017

Alexander Blagodarenko: When moving toward a virtual goal, gamer aims for a concept of happiness

On April 9, during the open lecture of WEGAME 3.0 the topic of psychological factor of video games was covered...

16 May 2017

Game development and monetization. Presentations of Roman Samchuk and Pavlo Lenets

On April 8, two experts, Roman Samchuk and Pavlo Lenets, told the audience of WEGAME 3.0 lecturers how to create...

16 May 2017

Alexander Kompanets: “Tiger Way studio is looking for a new form between games and movies”

A young independent studio called Tiger Way became an exhibitor of WEGAME 3.0 festival. Having participated in the WEGAME Awards...

13 May 2017

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