Five unexpectedly embarrassing scenes in favorite games (18+)

17 July 2017 Five unexpectedly embarrassing scenes in favorite games (18+)

There is plenty of gaming content rated 18+, however, salacious topics can sometimes be found when they are not expected. It happens that such scenes start at inappropriate time or look silly. Here is a selection of five clumsy video game scenes of erotic nature.

Speed and quantity! God of War

The main hero of God of War Kratos deals with Cyprians as efficiently as with monsters. He manages to satisfy lots of them in no time. In fact, the scene looks rather funny, taking into account the sound.

A war? Let’s dabble in a puddle! Metal Gear Solid V

The character of a female sniper Quiet from Metal Gear Solid V provoked many questions among fans and developers of other studios. Kojima Productions has repelled all accusations of sexism, but there is no escaping the fact that Quiet is undressed rather than dressed. Not for nothing, the scene leaves other scenes behind in terms of uneasiness.

The amount of nudity is unthinkable, but even this thing isn’t of much importance. For some reason, after getting off the plane, Quiet is not preparing to fight. Instead, she starts tumbling in a puddle, bending like a cat. Moreover, Snake joins her game.

Humor beyond good and evil. The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

Games about Witcher are full of erotic and even pornographic scenes. However, this particular game stands out among them. You won’t see a close body contact or nude bodies there, but the humor is rather specific. When sorceress Philippa is healing Saskia with a kiss, a dwarf gives a sarcastic commentary. Apart from the phrase “My favorite type of magic – lesbomancy!” he rather explicitly touches himself.

Love without boundaries. Mass Effect 3

BioWare developers try not to dwindle to the level of porn, at the same time adding as many intimate scenes as possible. The main character of the space series, Commander Shepard, makes the most of his exterrestrial journey. Women of all possible races turned out in his bed. And not only women…

Fighting game character on vacation. Dead or Alive: Xtreme 2

Dead or Alive was originally developed as a quality fighting game, but something went wrong. Perhaps, its Japanese origin is the reason. The spin-off Dead or Alive Xtreme is quite another story.

Main female characters get on a tropical island and decide to have a kind of vacation. Instead of fighting, players will enjoy sports simulations and girls in swimming suits.


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