5 coolest and most anticipated games for PC in 2018

06 July 2018 5 coolest and most anticipated games for PC in 2018

The most anticipated, high-profile and remarkable games that have been already released or are going to be released on PC this year.


Developer: 11 bit studios

Release: April 24, 2018

The game has already been released this spring. Frostpunk is a steampunk simulator, a social survival game in a freezing alternative world. The plot covers the end of the 19th century: a snow storm that has suddenly walloped on humanity makes people look for ways to survive in new conditions. The outcome of the game depends on the decisions of gamers, who face quite philosophical moral and ethical questions, for example, whether it is necessary to spend resources on the wounded and improve the living conditions of people, neglecting the economy development. Bright and detailed graphics will immerse players into emotional aspects of the fate of each resident of the community, which has to be saved by the player. The only thing that can disappoint players is a slightly rushed ending.

Ash of Gods: Redemption

Developer: AurumDust

Release: March 2018

Fantasy strategy and visual novelty from Russian developers attracted attention at the creation stage: too often the game was compared with the famous The Banner Saga. A similar style of picture, combat system, as well as other aspects resulted in direct associations. But as a result, the game turned out to be quite original: the Middle Ages with elements of steampunk, interesting heroes and thoughtful combat mechanics. In this world, gamer has to manage groups of heroes and try to prevent the coming end of the world. Each player’s decision will have certain consequences, leading to the final. The obvious advantages are two adequate levels of complexity, a good combat system and excellent music.

Total War: Three Kingdoms

Developer: Creative Assembly

Release: autumn 2018

It is the thirteenth part of the famous series of games. The PC game novelty of 2018 combines elements of RTS and TBS. The plot: Three Kingdoms shows the events of the 190s AD in China. The future of the country will depend on three heroes, military leaders, and gamers will have an opportunity to write their story of the Three Kingdoms Epoch. The game has two modes: romanticized (based on the novel Three Kingdoms) and classical (based on historical documents).


Developer: Klei Entertainment

Release: 2018 (date is unknown)

Sci-fi role-playing game, sandbox with mercenaries and pirates. It has very bright and exiting graphics in the cartoon style. Dynamically changing world and random generation of heroes are successfully combined with quests and stories. Gamers will not only conduct a series of battles, but also develop the character in other ways: characters will live in a free economy. Klei Entertainment developers are also the authors of several indie hits, in particular – Don’t Starve Together. Griftlands is also going to become popular among similar gaming novelties of 2018.

Anno 1800

Developer: Ubisoft Blue Byte

Release: winter 2018

The latest part of the famous town-planning series of simulators will move players to England of the early XIX century. The beginning of the industrial development, development of diplomacy, logistics and trade – everything is available to gamers. It is possible to play both in the network mode and in the customized sandbox mode. Developers promise gamers a well-developed plot, as well as additional opportunities: to play simultaneously in several locations, and to develop the construction of ships, regions and islands. Gamers can influence the process of the game creation and improvement by participating in the Anno Union project.


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