Five best PC games

13 February 2018 Five best PC games

Game industry is an infinitely expanding universe, where ingenious masterpieces of the entertainment art are sometimes created. Today we are offering you our own top 5 coolest PC games, which are either under development or available for play.

1. Far Cry 5

Fans of the iconic saga Far Cry are waiting for the release of a new, the fifth game this March. This time the scene is set in the USA of the late XIX century, and the player will have to fight against the mysterious sect known as Eden's Gate.

2. Red Dead Redemption 2

The game from RockStar, the company that does not require presentations, is currently under development. It should be released in autumn of 2018. That will be the third part of the series. Wild West, horses, whisky, shooting, and the open world of course: the Red Dead western will definitely bring joy to its fans!

3. God of War

This deadly hack and slash will interest fans of action and Greek mythology. Plunge into the story of a simple Spartan warrior Kratos, who became equal to Gods by a twist of fate, and refused this gift for the sake of his main goal – revenge.

4. Metro: Exodus

This year, admirers of post-apocalyptic games will receive a generous present: the continuation of the iconic series Metro. Severe nuclear winter in the devastated by the nuclear war Russia, hordes of monsters, and depressive landscapes of the dying world: the game will definitely appeal to those interested in post-apocalyptic stuff.

5. The Last of Us: Part II

The Last of Us: Part II, which is under development, continues the topic of post-apocalypse. The storyline bases on events that take place five years after the occurrences of the main game. All lovers of post-apocalyptic and survival games will undoubtedly like it, as its main features such as the special atmosphere of destroyed America and constant danger will never make them bored!


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