Five most scandalous e-sports tournaments

05 February 2016 Five most scandalous e-sports tournaments

Adepto BH Open 2011

Tournament: Counter-Strike 1.6

The main problem was related not to the tournament itself. There were issues with reaching the venue. Natus Vincere team suffered a lot. With valid Schengen visas players were not admitted to flight in Vienna. The team managed to set out on the following day, but they got stuck in Sarajevo as well. Players arrived in Bosnia and Herzegowina not long before the game, but they were able to leave the airport only after the arrival of Ukrainian consul. Misunderstandings with visas were the result of the agreement between Ukraine and Bosnia, according to which Ukrainian citizens didn’t need visas in order to enter the country. The official act was signed, but didn’t come into operation.  

Natus Vincere won the tournament. But it didn’t receive €6000 as a prize. 

Excellent Moscow Cup 2014

Tournament: Dota 2

This story tells how the most grandiose event has turned into the most disastrous one.

Organizers didn’t understand at once that the refusal of Chinese teams Newbee and LGD to participate in LAN final was not their main problem.  During the first day it became obvious that they should have thought about technical support and Internet security. Due to inability to withstand DDoS attacks and many other difficulties only one match took place. On the next day the game ended in the middle of the night. Grand final was played online in two months after the stated dates. Not a single event can boast such a success!  Winners from Team Empire did not see $30000, which they won. 

Gaming Paradise 2015

Tournament: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

It was an excellent idea to organize the game unusually, in a hotel near the coast of Slovenia. What was the problem then? First of all organizers forgot to bring the equipment, then – display cards, having claimed that they were stolen. And it was only the first day. The game started later than scheduled and finished at 3am. The second day was quite similar to the first, and on the third day the tournament was cancelled.

Moreover, local police authorities attended the contest and took the documents of participants, having explained that the hotel hadn’t been paid for.  In the end the problem was solved and participants could continue playing. In the final Team Kinguin beat Natus Vincere, the Ukrainian team. Winners still dream about getting the prize of $30 000.

Major All Stars 2015

Tournament: Dota 2

In case organizers of the tournament in Malaysia wanted to attract public attention to the industry, they have managed to do it. The best European teams arrived; the prize pool comprised $100000, and the organizer was one of the marketing agencies. Everything started marvelous: arrival of teams, advertising space sales.  But there were lots of failures as well!  The commentator had problems with Internet connection; there were issues with wiring and Windows Server.

The second day of the tournament was saved by Team Empire’s manager Sergey «AnahRoniX» Bykovsky and a local team Mineski, who solved technical problems.

And everything could have ended up well, but winners haven’t received the prize yet. There is little probability that professional players will once again take part in competitions of the region.

India Gaming Carnival 2012

Tournament: Counter-Strike 1.6, Dota 1, Call of Duty, Battlefield, FIFA

Russian team Moscow Five must be still discussing the Indian festival.

Back in 2012 WTF Eventz announced a grand-scale event with a prize pool of $300 000 for all games. Players from Moscow have applied for participation. Having arrived they found themselves in a hangar, sitting at wooden tables, made with their own hands. It turned out that organizers had no idea of leaderboards, team sheets and clear rules. Players had to play with teams that tumbled out earlier and paid entry fee once again.

For two days players suffered from delays and cancellations of tournaments, until organizers turned off the electric supply.

Moscow Five tried to take measures. But in the result money and flash drives were gone from their rooms in the hotel. India Gaming Carnival promised to file a suit and accused Moscow Five of lying.

Organizers got the prize pool. 


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