501st Legion in Ukraine: the dark side performs good deeds

12 July 2018 501st Legion in Ukraine: the dark side performs good deeds

501st Legion, quite a young, but pretty active division of the worldwide organization of Start Wars fans, was an exhibitor at WEGAME 4.0. So, what do the dark side representatives focus on in Ukraine? And what did their stand present?

Interviewer: WeGame (WG)

Speaker: 501st Legion (501)

WG: Tell us about your organization.

501: We officially represent 501st Legion in Ukraine. It is an international fan organization founded in the USA, consisting of around 12 000 members.

We are slowly growing in Ukraine. The division has been operating here for just a year and a half. By the way, to become an official legionnaire, you need a costume, as it is a costume organization.

WG: How did your stand appeal festival guests?

501: Primarily, we had various costumes fully corresponding to those shown in Star Wars movies, series, and games. We presented a cosplay, thus attendees actively took photos at the stand.

Besides, we held an activity called Droid Hunting. The legend was the following: you were Jawa and met a Droid bearing extremely valuable information, which was required by Empire representatives. Participants obtained badges with Droids and were freely walking across the festival, while legionnaires were tracing them. Afterwards, we took badges, put them into a stormtrooper helmet, and drew prizes: seven Funko Pop figurines with various Star Wars characters.

We are not only a fan organization promoting Star Wars. are also engaged in charity. This time, we have concluded an agreement with Tabletochki, a well-known charity fund that helps children with cancer. Our stand offered a charity fundraising box, thus attendees were able to do a good deed.

WG: How active was the audience this year? How many times has the company been involved in the festival?

501: 45 people took part in the Droid Hunting, as we expected, thus such an amount was collected rapidly at the registration desk. The audience was active. Indeed, it was pretty young, at least those visiting our stand. We communicated and asked questions; it was interested to realize what episodes were the most familiar to certain fans.

Legion participated in the previous WEGAME where our team was publicly presented for the first time. Today, we are known to more people who have remembered us due to the previous event. The audience was incredibly active! This year, everything was awesome: so many interested people and an amazing cosplay show, as usual.

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