Alexander Blagodarenko: When moving toward a virtual goal, gamer aims for a concept of happiness

16 May 2017 Alexander Blagodarenko: When moving toward a virtual goal, gamer aims for a concept of happiness

On April 9, during the open lecture of WEGAME 3.0 the topic of psychological factor of video games was covered by Alexander Blagodarenko, the founder, CEO and executive producer of the Uni-Bit studio. For our readers we have prepared a summary of the most interesting moments of his report.

About feelings and emotions experienced by gamers:

► When starting a game for 5 minutes, you can live a lifetime.

► Emotions received by a person during the game are even sharper than those experienced in reality.

► When moving toward a virtual goal, gamer aims for a concept of happiness. It is sublimation.

► Game is a simulator of happiness. The more difficult a goal to overcome is, the more fun the player gains from achieving it.

► Defeating the “boss” for the first time, a person gets more emotions than when the game is repeated.

► The quality of the impressions received by the player largely depends on the appearance of the mob, its visual perception.

► During the game, the level of endorphins and dopamine greatly increases, which improves the state of health, causes euphoria.

Alexander Blagodarenko has also noted that the pleasure from games can be different. The emotions are affected not only by the plot, genre and form, but also by a variety of additional factors. The speaker presented a classification of the main types of such fun.

4 types of fun received from games:

  • hard fun. Person experiences a challenge and frustration, and finally satisfaction;
  • easy fun. Curiosity or surprise. Most often it is caused by casual and mobile games;
  • people fun. Pleasure from playing with real people. Multiplayer games;
  • sirius fun. Emotions experienced when playing for real money.

A part of the report was dedicated to tips for game designers in terms of psychology. The speaker advised them to pay attention to certain aspects of psychology that can be effectively used. For example:

► People react to situations predictably, so the game designer can adjust the emotional background of the game.

► When people know what they are looking for, they pay attention only to similar objects and items, which allows game designers to hide much from players.

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