Alexander Khrutskiy: “Desire to ‘escape in other worlds’ is driven by factors that a man is not happy about in real life”

26 October 2016 Alexander Khrutskiy: “Desire to ‘escape in other worlds’ is driven by factors that a man is not happy about in real life”

2-4 December, the conference on computer games and qualitative game content development – Games Gathering 2016 – will take place.

The press service of WEGAME has published the interview with Alexander Khrutskiy earlier, in which the main organizer of the conference shared detailed information on the upcoming event.

One of the topics that were discussed with him – AR and VR technologies.

WEGAME: What can you tell about the boom of AR/VR technologies this year? Will this topic be touched at Games Gathering 2016?

Alexander Khrutskiy: Of course! There will be a specially designated zone for AR/VR activities in the main hall of Games Gathering. Visitors will be able to test the latest VR games, to visit a virtual cinema, simply said, to have a closer look at the world of virtual reality. And, of course, there will be lectures on this topic.

R&D lab that focuses on VR/AR/MR and other interactive media – Sensorama – will arrange its own demo zone at the event. It is the first lab in Ukraine that develops content, innovations and prototypes based on these technologies. Conference participants will be able to test the capabilities of HTC Vive and multiplayer that combines 2 Vive for games in VR and Gear VR mask for collective viewing of content.

It should be noted that late 2015 featured discussions on virtual reality breakthrough in 2016. But, leaving aside Pokemon GO in AR, nothing special has happened in the industry. Therefore, everybody wonder when it will eventually happen. I think that many of our speakers will pay attention to this issue.

Alexander Khrutskiy awards all readers of WEGAME website with a promo code for 10% discount on tickets for Games Gathering 2016.

Here it is: «WEGAME10PROMO»!

WEGAME:  As an experienced game designer, what do you think about the development of games in such format? Are you planning to deal with it?

Alexander Khrutskiy: Currently, I have slightly withdrawn from the profession of game designer, but I won’t make long-term predictions. Everything can happen. We have been always arguing with colleagues lately about VR technology and its future. We have even divided into VR idealists and VR skeptics. Today the way of a game with this technology to the end user is complicated due to high-technology and expensive equipment – that’s not a game for smartphone, which almost every potential user can afford. VR headset is a serious device that costs a lot.

VR offers complete immersion into the game. Unlike games for mobile devices or PC, a user wearing a VR headset is completely distracted from the environment. I believe that it will create various problems for players – beginning with annoyed grandmother, whose grandson does not hear her calling ‘Peter, the supper is ready’, because he is playing in a headset, and ending with the fact that a person can leave a beginning fire in his house or an earthquake unnoticed. Therefore, I believe that we will face enough of pitfalls if this sphere will continue to grow.

WEGAME: Aleksey Sytyanov, game designer and gestalt therapist, was a speaker at our festival, and noted that he didn’t consider virtual reality to be dangerous in terms of psychology. And what do you think: can virtual reality substitute the real world for a person? 

Alexander Khrutskiy: The same question was earlier asked in relation to cinema, ordinary video games, and even alcohol drinks. We have lots of ways to escape from reality, and it only depends on the person whether he or she will use them, and whether he or she will overuse them. There are people who can get carried away with collecting stamps or coins in a way that they won’t notice anything else.

Desire to ‘escape in other worlds’ is driven not by the availability of cinema or VR headset, but by factors that a man is not happy about in real life. We have many ways to escape from real life – from role-playing games to slot machines or drugs.

For the one who wants to hide from this world, virtual reality will be just another way to do it. And for others, this technology will be just another entertainment activity, another way to diversify pastime. 


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