Alexander Kompanets: “Tiger Way studio is looking for a new form between games and movies”

13 May 2017 Alexander Kompanets: “Tiger Way studio is looking for a new form between games and movies”

A young independent studio called Tiger Way became an exhibitor of WEGAME 3.0 festival. Having participated in the WEGAME Awards ceremony with Boxing Combat fighting, it won in the Best Mobile Game nomination. The festival media office talked to Alexander Kompanets, the founder of Tiger Way, in order to discover more about studio operation and its projects.   

WEGAME: What does Tiger Way studio focus on? 

Alexander Kompanets (A. K.): The Tiger Way studio is currently presenting two games: Boxing Combat and Goopalo. Besides game development, we also focus on motion video. Such an interesting technology developed in the 90s when game development involved real actors. For instance, actors and bump artists were engaged in the first and second parts of the Mortal Kombat game series.  

We have examined and improved this technology, are continuing to advance it, negotiating with several film studios, and are open to new partners. We are not just trying to create games but also looking for a new form between videogames and movies in order to provide users with something new and interesting they’ve never faced before.       

WEGAME: Please tell us about your game projects in detail.

A. K.: We are presenting two games at WEGAME 3.0. Boxing Combat is a realistic first person fighting that we has developed using actors’ services. The application is already available on Google play, App Store, and Amazon platforms.      

We are also announcing the Goopalo game about the Ukrainian folk character named Vasyl Goopalo. It is developed in collaboration with TNMK band. We hope to complete our project soon and think about launching crowdfunding campaign.

WEGAME: What are your impressions of WEGAME 3.0 festival? 

A. K.: Tiger Way has attended WEGAME for the first time this year. Our studio is still quite young, and we are just starting our way to conquering the world. The festival is great; we have got quality feedback from players.  Working on the project for several years, someone is becoming less perceptive of things and requiring live communication.   

We commonly communicate with our players via feedback on the Internet, but here we are able to follow their movements, opinions, see their level of interest, so it perfect experience. Besides, it is pleased to meet colleagues and appreciate technology development. In general, everything is quite positive.  

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