Aleksey Sytyanov: “The game takes place inside a player rather than computer”

04 October 2016 Aleksey Sytyanov: “The game takes place inside a player rather than computer”

Aleksey Sytyanov gave a lecture at WEGAME 2.0 and told visitors about the role of psychology in game design. Speaker has a great experience in both game development and gestalt therapy. We prepared a brief review of the lecture for those who missed it or those who want to recall the most interesting moments.

Aleksey presented a schematic cycle of player’s contact with a game, which consists of 5 phases:

1. Precontact.

2. Introduction.

3. Contact.

4. Climax.

5. Assimilation.

The speaker explained what each phase means.

Precontact – time when you choose whether to engage in the game or not. Afterwards you form expectations of the game play, projection of past experience on the future, anticipation.

Introduction and contact (full contact) represent the game play itself, realization and repletion of needs, immersion in the game.

Climax – the end of gaming experience, culmination.

Assimilation involves “digesting”, adoption of information and experience, provided by the game. But sometimes depreciation takes place instead of assimilation. That’s the rejection of experience.

“The game takes place inside a player rather than computer,” said Aleksey describing the game play process from the perspective of psychology. From psychological and          neurophysiological point of view there is almost no difference between the actions experienced in reality and in the game.

“Player chooses games depending on his internal state”

Speaker explained how we choose games from the standpoint of psychology. He also unveiled why bloody shooters are so popular and proved that they don’t cause aggression, but help to get rid of it.

 Aleksey reviewed Jung’s concept of The Shadow in the context of game design. This particular archetypical image and all negative feelings, which are being pushed out and denied by a human, are usually used to create the main villain of the game.

If this subject interests you, get acquainted with the full version of the lecture – watch the video taken by one of the festival visitors. 

You can also read the interview that Aleksey has given to the press service of the festival. 


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