Aleksey Sytyanov: “Any game is just an imitation of life”

23 September 2016 Aleksey Sytyanov: “Any game is just an imitation of life”

Press service of WEGAME has talked to one of the most intriguing speakers of our festival – Aleksey Sytyanov. We were interested in the opinion of the game designer and gestalt therapist on virtual reality games.  

WEGAME: Nowadays more and more new VR and AR games appear. What do you think of them and the fact that virtual reality is more often chosen for relaxation?

Aleksey Sytyanov: Any game is just an imitation of life. People play because they don’t have an opportunity to experience something in real life. People escape from real life because it is full of dangers. Because they were hurt. If such a person works on himself, he will be able to change many things.

I don’t think that such games will become a real problem one day. Eventually everyone will have enough of playing. At some point a person begins to notice that there is some vacuum, some anxiety: I want something, but playing does not provide me with it.

WEGAME: So you believe that augmented and virtual reality won’t be able to replace real life?

Aleksey Sytyanov: I think that it’s a trial for game developers. Everything is heading towards hyperrealism nowadays. They are trying to make the game even more detailed and sophisticated, and you get tired of such graphics. When you play a game with such graphics, it can happen that you simply forget about its main aim.

And addicted people should understand that it does not happen for nothing – they have some problems with the outer world. Only real life and real people can help to overcome the feeling of anxiety. A game will never save you from it, except perhaps it can distract your attention a little bit.  


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