Preview of Batman: A Telltale Games Series

21 January 2016 Preview of Batman: A Telltale Games Series

Telltale Games are perhaps the main storytellers in digital entertainment industry. While other developers are chasing after the quantity of FPS, sophisticated graphics and using engines that burn out processors of top game-playing machines, these calm Californian guys just tell stories.

Their games cannot boast hyper-realistic images or a crazy gameplay. Their projects don’t feature open worlds or power leveling, so beloved by modern players. Almost no role-playing elements. They have banked on interesting stories, and it must be admitted that they are good at it.

In the decade of its existence Telltale Games has progressed from monotonous pixel hunting in criminal quest CSI: Crime Scene Investigation to everybody’s favourite saga of human survival among walking corpses The Walking Dead. They have turned the meaningless game Minecraft into exciting adventure and managed to create an incredibly positive and interesting interactive film based on a funny but simple action game Borderlands. In one word, when it became known that in 2016 Telltale Games are releasing a game about Batman, fans of this character have cheered up. 

Fear and loathing in Gotham city


Unfortunately, the main plot twists of the forthcoming Batman: A Telltale Games Series are concealed better than the alter ego of the famous crime fighter. It is known that the game will be traditionally divided into several episodes, in each of which Batman will have to overcome one of the super-villains. Besides, there will be one main storyline going through all game episodes, and eventually bringing Batman into contact with “an enemy he has never met before”. This description can imply anything, that’s why there is no sense in doing guesswork.  And yes, the player will wear either a Batman’s suit or Bruce Wayne’s smocking.

In general the gameplay won’t differ a lot from other projects of the company. Developers note, that it would be the most appropriate to compare it with The Wolf Among Us. Just as in this game, in Batman a player will have to investigate crimes, primarily by gathering evidence and juxtaposing facts. You will also have to wound enemies with the help of different Bat-devices. Nevertheless, we are in for more or less classical detective quest.

According to Telltale Games, they have decided to remind everyone that Batman has a reputation of “the greatest detective in the world” in comic strips. That’s why fights and wide-scale slaughter of muggers, which don’t tally with this intellectual job, will take the back seat here. But fans of Batman and his technical devices won’t be disappointed – developers have admitted that lots of tasks will be connected with usage of gadgets. 

Morning and evening dress


It should be also noted that each episode will contain two parallel storylines – one of a night avenger in black outfit and the other of a day-time playboy-millionaire. Playing for Bruce will feel completely different from playing for Batman. Firstly, Wayne will have to solve some problems related to his business empire, but as far as it’s a part of the storyline developers refuse to comment on it. Secondly, Bruce Wayne sometimes will be able to get to places where Batman isn’t admitted, thus players can count on business meetings and other concerns habitual for a millionaire.

As Wayne a player will be able to communicate with many famous characters from Batman’s universe. It is precisely known that Batman’s loyal steward Alfred, police commissioner Gordon and CEO of Wayne Enterprises Lucius Fox will play an important role in the story.  The latter will provide various useful gadgets to Batman and quests for Bruce Wayne. Quite possibly the game will feature Wayne’s love interests, but Telltale prefers not to reveal this information.

Navigation in Batman: A Telltale Games Series won’t differ fundamentally from other products of the company. A player will be able to move around the game world on his own, collecting necessary objects and talking to different characters. From time to time it will be needed to perform actions that require quick response or accuracy. That’s the way the storyline goes. 

The main bat


Technical characteristics of the game are generally known. Thus, Batman: A Telltale Games Series will be built on the traditional Telltale Tool engine and made in standard cartoon style. Players will have quite a big world to explore, though they will be able to move around it according to the storyline. Several locations will be open at a time, where you will need to fulfill some tasks or communicate with certain characters.

As always the narration will be seamless, including both successes and failures of a player. According to developers, every action will have its consequences in the future, but will hardly influence the general plot. For them telling an exciting and uninterrupted story is more important than introducing an excessive and inappropriate variability.  According to preliminary data the game will be released on all major platforms, including PC, PS4 and Хbox One, but the full list should still be confirmed.

Summarizing all above-mentioned, one can say that the interactive adventure about Batman, created by Telltale Games, promises to be at least unusual. Following the fabulous though somewhat monotonous Batman: Arkham series, the detective quest about one of the most popular super heroes promises to become a breath of fresh air. At least we will never get bored solving puzzles in the suit of Dark Knight. 


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