New PlayStation 4 versions announced

09 September 2016 New PlayStation 4 versions announced

Sony has recently revealed that this November we all would be able to purchase the new improved PlayStation 4. There’re no any detailed specifics yet for two new items, but we’ve gathered some info for you.

PlayStation 4 Slim would of course be a more sophisticated version compared to the original, adding some mobility and aesthetics.

More data has been unveiled on PlayStation 4 Pro. This console is going to support the 4K and HDR format, improving the graphics significantly. The PS4 Pro will be two times more powerful than the original one due to the new processor incorporating Polaris architecture. Integrated memory of a device is expanded to 1TB.

And what’s more, launching of new models will allow to drop the price of original PlayStation 4 to $299 by the end of the month.


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