Apex Legends: transformation from a new game into a legend or what’s good in Respawn’s Battle Royale game

14 February 2019 Apex Legends: transformation from a new game into a legend or what’s good in Respawn’s Battle Royale game

Apex Legends was released for PC, PS4, and Xbox One in early February. A free version of Battle Royale attracted 2.5 million unique players on the first day. Why did gamers like the new game of Respawn Entertainment and what is similar between the game and other leaders of this genre?

Apex Legends vs PUBG and Fortnite. Number of players

Just 8 hours after the release of Apex Legends, CEO of Respawn Entertainment Vince Zampella reported that the game had reached 1 million unique players. A little later developers announced that in the first 24 hours Apex Legends had set its own record of 600,000 concurrent players.

For comparison, when Fortnite went out in September of 2017, Epic Games announced that 1 million users played the game in the first 24 hours. Whereas PUBG had over 450,000 concurrent players in the last month.

Apex Legends: eight characters with special skills

This Battle Royale game is unique for the fact that the scene is set in the Titanfall universe 30 years after the main events. In such a way, the game will definitely attract fans by the familiar environment and gameplay mechanics.

Apex Legends stands out for characters (Legends). Players need to choose from eight characters, each of whom has unique traits and skills. For example, you can play for the character that can deal most of damage or the character that has healing skills. Despite the Titanfall universe, Apex Legends has its own peculiarities. For example, the characters are not pilots and have a strictly specified set of traits and skills.

Each character has three skills: tactical, passive, and ultimate. Players can use the tactical skill all the time, as it quickly regains and has a local effect. Passive skills and their effects depend on the situation and circumstances: they are triggered automatically under certain conditions. The ultimate skill acts in the same way as the heroic skill in Overwatch, i.e. it requires time for regaining but at the same is very powerful and greatly affects the outcome of the battle.

Besides, characters of Apex Legends can unite in squads of three and combine their skills on the battlefield in various ways. Other popular Battle Royale games such as PUBG and Fortnite lack such a feature.

Training mode of Apex Legends

The version available for uploading after the release contains a training mode where players can drill skills of one of the characters. The training mode offers a field for funning and a shooting gallery with a great range of weapons. Unfortunately, the game does not offer an extended training course, but the basic training mode can be considered a big advantage. Moreover, the game offers it from the start unlike PUBG where a training location appeared just in two years after the release.

In the training mode, players can learn how to use different weapons, how to move around depending on the terrain. However, players will have to learn other skills such as how to handle inventory in the main game.

Pinging (marking) system and relocations

Another undoubtful advantage of Apex Legends is a special marking system. It allows marking locations using your mouse quickly and easily, although the map is quite compact as compared to other Battle Royale games: the King's Canyon can house 60 participants.

Besides, players can mark weapons, gears, and enemies, which is convenient for the wordless communication inside the squad (the so-called smart communication system). The compass allows for more comfortable relocating – here Apex Legends is similar to PUBG, which also offers a marking system and a navigator.

Unlike Titanfall game, Apex Legends has its own drop system. Squads can choose and decide where they will land on the map. Group landing is set by default: the main player of the squad marks the location and other players join him automatically. Dropping takes place very dynamically, as the squad uses jetpacks. It takes the same time as in PUBG.

Revival of squad members and gameplay mechanics

Battle Royale Apex Legends can boast the gameplay mechanics that makes handling inventory very convenient. When a player takes an item, the inventory system automatically attaches accessories and gears to the relevant weapons. Players can assemble and disassemble inventory at a high speed. All items are highlighted with prompts. Special icons help to understand whether a specific type of ammunition or upgrade matches the barrel. Like in Fortnite, there is no inventory segmentation in Apex Legends, which gives many opportunities to use gears.

However, the main distinctive feature of the gameplay mechanics is Respawn Beacons. Unlike PUBG and Fortnite, Apex Legends allows players to revive squad members in 20 seconds. For this purpose, a player has to find a respawn spot, which is marked on the map.

Apex Legends: a gaming contest with prize fund

Entertainment offers to play Apex Legends free of charge, but there are customized fee-based goodies inside the game. Paid bonuses do not affect traits of characters changing only how they look. Like in PUBG and Fortnite, gamers can buy a Battle Pass to gain early access to exclusive items, which players can also earn in the game.

It is expected that apart from seasons Apex Legends will offer themed events and possibly new upgrades for characters and customized items.

Meanwhile, the first big tournament has been already announced on Twitch. The competition called Twitch Rivals Apex Legends Challenge will take place on February 12 and February 19. Twitch confirmed that the tournament would comprise 48 streamers and the prize fund would equal to $200,000.

Every stage will feature 16 squads with three players in each squad. Teams will compete for points: 5 points are given for every victory in a match, +1 point for every killing. Gamers will have to make the most of Apex Legends’ benefits such as smart communication and Respawn Beacons and show how well they have mastered skills of characters.


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