Arseniy 'ceh9' Trinozhenko: 'We have more developments in virtual world than in real one'

14 September 2016 Arseniy 'ceh9' Trinozhenko: 'We have more developments in virtual world than in real one'

The autumn festival WEGAME featured a fan tournament for CS:GO and an autograph session with Arseniy ‘ceh9’ Trinozhenko, who is a world Counter-Strike champion as well as a commentator, streamer and one of the most famous members of Natus Vincere team. WEGAME’s press service has met with Arseniy to discuss his plans for the future, his favourite games and the future prospects of virtual reality technology.

WEGAME: How do you like our festival?

‘ceh9’: It's a wonderful event bringing together a huge number of gamers from all over Kiev and, for sure, from other cities of Ukraine. There are some interesting innovative things, so to speak.

In general, any gamer can finally come to the event and meet with their peers. It is a chance to leave the virtual world, where they spend a good deal of time.

WEGAME: There are a lot of festival visitors who want to have your autograph. Do you know any of them by sight?

ceh9: In fact, the audience is changing each time, from year to year. Computer games constitute such an activity, where people tend to "grow up" and "grow into".

That is, at first, someone plays ordinary toys, then grows up and moves to computer games; then he or he grows up again and moves on. Someone stays too long, for example, me. However, this is my professional activity.

Nevertheless, there are friends, whom I met here. From year to year, some people come to meet and chat with me.

WEGAME: What do you think about the future of VR and AR games?

ceh9: This is, clearly, our future. The only question is how this will affect the psyche of people. After all, when you spend 20-30 minutes in virtual reality, you have a 'clouded' head. Maybe it's the same feeling that our folks had when they first played computer games and they watched only TV before.

Therefore, it is our future. We have more developments in virtual world than in real one. I am not going to judge whether it good or bad, but it is a fact. There is a huge demand for VR helmets. This is only the beginning; they have just been just announced. We'll see what will happen next.

WEGAME: What gaming trends are you waiting for the most?

ceh9: I definitely want to play new Battlefield 1. I love games devoted to the First and Second World Wars. That is the shooters without any innovations like space and so on. You have automatic weapons and try to defend your territory somewhere in the jungle. I have played the beta version of Battlefield 1. It has great graphics; it is simply stunning. Therefore, I am looking forward to Single Player to pass it for the sake of box-checking.

In general, I'm not a particularly avid player, although I have been engaged in Counter-Strike. I have been playing this game for 15 years. I play all the rest games just for fun.

WEGAME: What advice would you give to people who dream of becoming cyber sportsmen and plan to devote their future to it?

ceh9: Dedication and good time management. You must definitely devote time to your family and friends, school and hobbies. Believe me, if you break down everything correctly, you will have enough time. Another thing is that many players dive into the virtual life and it is difficult to leave it. Moreover, most important thing is that people often falsely assess their capabilities. You always have to take a sober approach to any business, and I am sure that everything will turn out.


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