Host of YouTube channel TotalWeGames: WEGAME was my first industry festival

18 February 2019 Host of YouTube channel TotalWeGames: WEGAME was my first industry festival

How to develop your own gaming channel and why offline meetings are of much importance to gamers. We conducted a topical interview with Alexander Polishchuk, creator of the YouTube channel TotalWeGames.

TotalWeGames was registered in 2011 and currently has 176 000 subscribers as well as 52.5 m views. By the way, it is WEGAME that became the first gaming festival covered in the vlog. Channel’s author Alexander Polishchuk told about his creative career, advised on making good game reviews, and shared the impressions on his first WEGAME.

Interviewer: WEGAME.

Respondent: Alexander Polishchuk, host of YouTube channel TotalWeGames (hereinafter – TotalWeGames).

WEGAME: How long have you been hosting your vlog? What were your first steps and when did it grow popular?

TotalWeGames: I have been hosting the vlog since I got deeply immersed in video games and related staff. I got involved in this sphere right when video game reviews were the major and most popular format on the Internet. They were everywhere, almost everyone produced them, and I also decided to try my hand at it. I reviewed CRYSIS 2 that wasn’t a new product at that moment but I passed the game up to the end thrice. It was far simpler to work with a well-known game rather than something I had a poor understanding of.

It was not a professional review with good video editing and perfect presentation. However, it was important to start the ball rolling, move forward, and make more and more game reviews. Both old and new.

Popularity is a matter of time. I was just doing my job, new material attracted new viewers who later became my audience.

WEGAME: Why did you choose namely gaming? Didn’t it grow boring for the time you have been working on the blog?

TotalWeGames: As far as my childhood when hardly anybody had 8-bit consoles, I got interested in games. I played at my friend’s since I didn’t have my own one. Later, the industry started evolving at lightning speed, first PCs started penetrating our everyday life thus giving gambling a boost.

After all, I plunged into the essence of games and video game journalism, not only playing games and that’s it. By the way, I didn’t get bored with gaming related topics at all. The point is that you improve your skills all the time and get to know much new and exciting information. The gaming segment moves forward – and so do you!

WEGAME: Is it now difficult not to get lost among other vloggers? How do you attract the audience?

TotalWeGames: I guess we have to consider viewers. They decide what to watch and an interesting topic at the moment.

There are many decent and cool guys more or less famous who create very interesting content. It happens that the same idea springs to mind of several bloggers. In this case, it’s much more difficult to stand out of a crowd.

What I am doing is sexy content dedicated to various games starting from fully-fledged images to interesting Easter eggs and references. What is more, if I have time, I organize streaming sessions to communicate with viewers directly.

WEGAME: What challenges did you face when developing a YouTube channel? How did you cope with them?

The main difficulties occurred in the process of content creation and representation. Sometimes, I was short of ideas or couldn’t implement a plan. Every idea requires a special approach to its fulfillment and representation. So, at times, it took days and even weeks before placing a ready-made video on the platform.

WEGAME: What steps should a vlogger take to create a gaming channel? What to pay attention to and what mistakes to avoid?

TotalWeGames: First, decide what video format you would like to work with. There are a lot of options to start with: from reviews to walkthroughs. Do not be afraid of experiment and something new.

What is more, pay attention to how your content is represented. Maybe, you have a distinctive feature that would attract new viewers and become your claim to fame in the future.

To avoid multiple mistakes when working on the content, try to start with a topic you are familiar with most of all. If you know some game very well and spend enough time on it, let’s go.

WEGAME: How often do you attend topical events and what do you appreciate in them?

TotalWeGames: Not that often as I would like to. Within the recent year and a half, I visited five events, both large gaming fests and small but atmospheric ones. What I appreciate in such industry events, is communication with developers, colleagues, and like-minded people. Discussion among fellow-thinkers is what everyone will certainly remember.

WEGAME: How important are offline meetings to gamers, what is their benefit?

TotalWeGames: Not only an opportunity to plunge into the gaming industry but a chance to exchange knowledge with other people.

Besides, it’s a possibility for decent game projects to get spotted and get support from the community. In fact, such events help beginning game developers to find the first fans of their projects. Sometimes even potential investors. All of these aspects help develop and promote the game industry.

WEGAME: You have already visited WEGAME, what did you like most of all?

TotalWeGames: WEGAME held in 2017 is the first fest I attended in my life. It was really good fun and produced lasting impressions on me.

First of all, it grants an opportunity to meet many game developers. I am still keeping in contact with them.

Secondly, this is the first time I tried to interview one of the event organizers. That was amazing! Overwhelmed by emotions, I went to ask developers questions right away.

Another thing I would like to mention is a vast number of presented games and a large-scale show of cosplay that is growing very extremely popular in the country.

This year, the heart of Ukraine will host the fifth anniversary fest of the geek culture WEGAME 5.0! We are waiting for you on April 20-21 at AССO International EC.


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