Buta-kun: “I am going to cosplay at WEGAME 3.0”

12 January 2017 Buta-kun: “I am going to cosplay at WEGAME 3.0”

We have published an interview with Mika [Buta-kun] Fan earlier and promised to provide readers with more of interesting information about cosplay that she shared.

When it came to Kyiv cosplay community and comradery of its representatives, Mika told that they rarely meet except for photo sessions. They mainly communicate online or during thematic festivals. We asked to tell more about the significance of such events to cosplayers.

Significance of festivals to cosplayers

“Usually everyone just lives his ordinary life – studies or works. Festivals are the only place, where we all meet in costumes and talk about our hobby with each other and other cosplayers that are unknown to us.

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The fact that many festivals take place in different towns greatly helps people to get closer. That’s how you can meet those whom you only knew through Internet. It allows making friends among likeminded people or entering a cosband, for example. That’s how our cosplay community exists”.

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About participation in festivals

“Before joining the first cosband, I was just a “cosplayer on photos”. It seemed easier and more interesting to me at that time. Photos show costume details and role playing very well. Besides that, usually during photo sessions there are no bystanders, who intervene in your private space and can accidentally damage a complicated costume.

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But after joining my first cosband, we performed at the festival cosplaying Hetalia. We took the first place. It was my debut performance, first festival that I visited – and it was a victory at once. I got lots of positive emotions.

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Then I was again engaged in cosplay photography for a long time. And only three years ago I started to participate in shows again. I am afraid to perform on the stage in front of many people. You think that you would do something wrong and everyone would notice it. You understand though that nobody will pay attention to it. But performances bring amazing feelings.

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Now I am trying to take part at least in one festival a year, and not only in Kyiv but in other cities too. I am going to cosplay at WEGAME 3.0 in 2017.

By the way, about WEGAME: members of our cosband “Whatever” took second places at the first and second festivals. Liza [littlegenius666] Gorbachenko and Olya [Carioka] Goncharuk participated jointly with video games cosplay both times. At the first festival they cosplayed as Maya and Lilith from Borderlands.

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At WEGAME 2.0 they cosplayed as Willow and Wigfrid from the indie game Don't Starve.

Buta-kun: “I am going to cosplay at WEGAME 3.0” - 7

Recommendations to beginning cosplayers from Buta-kun:

  • Don’t start with complicated costumes. It’s necessary to adequately assess your possibilities, including financial ones.
  • Choose a character that appeals to you in terms of both appearance and behavior – it will considerably simplify your role playing.
  •  Improve your skills gradually, making your costumes more difficult time after time.
  • If you post your cosplay photos in social media, on DeviantArt and other portals, you will have a chance to receive invitations to various thematic events, even abroad.
  • It is easier to start out in a cosband, where experienced cosplayers will be able to help you. They will advise where to buy specific materials, craft, which photographer to choose, and warn against common mistakes.


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