Pavlo Lenets, Arrible VR studio CEO, to speak at WEGAME 3.0 lecturers

31 March 2017 Pavlo Lenets, Arrible VR studio CEO, to speak at WEGAME 3.0 lecturers

April 8, 2017, Pavlo Lenets, a successful game designer, producer and CEO at Arrible VR studio, will speak within WEGAME 3.0 public lecturers.

His presentation topic: How to create a commercial game in 6 months + $10,000 and gain profit.

Pavlo has been working in the game development sector for more than 10 years. Within this period, he has managed to launch 7 video game projects. He is the founder and head of Arrible VR, the studio developing VR headset games. It is Pavlo Lenets who has founded country’s first-of-its-kind HTC VIVE Game Club in Odessa.

Currently, he focuses on producing Castle Wars VR game, the multiplayer online VR battle scene.

You can look at the two-day program of WEGAME 3.0 lecturers in the For Visitors section. Registration for the festival is available here.


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