Dark Souls 3: preview

22 January 2016 Dark Souls 3: preview

Japanese studio From Software connects the whole history of its existence with game console PlayStation. Its first project – action thriller Armored Core – was developed exclusively for the first model of this gaming platform. A lot of time has passed since then, but the Japanese remain loyal to Sony’s product.

Although their new, extremely popular game series Dark Souls is not exclusive, it is developed by a famous designer Hidetaka Miyazaki. Creating a franchise about “Dark souls”, he decided to launch a difficult game for the most diligent and experienced players, who used to spend day and night in front of their computers. Strange as it may seem, but it is high complexity of his projects that has become their distinctive feature, which helped to gain the affection of millions of players all around the world.

The holy place is never empty, and after the success of dreadfully difficult first two games of the series, as well as a smash-hit action RPG Bloodborne, nobody was amazed when the third game was announced. According to rumors it will be the last game in the series, narrating about gloomy medieval world of “Dark souls”… 

In a dark dark city…


From Software keeps the storyline of the third game in a secret, not revealing any details as to what players will be fighting for. It is known that in the center of the action will be the dynasty of Lords of Cinder – those brutal people, from whom protagonist of Dark Souls 1 originated.

Hidetaka Miyazaki said that he had dedicated the first part of trilogy to killing gods, and the third part would raise the problem of what could happen if mere mortals would get an absolute divine power. There are no other details about the plot of Dark Souls 3. And most probably there won’t be any information about it until the release. Developers say that the third game will be the closing one in the series.

The game mechanics remains the same: player’s task is to kill monsters, getting special points for each murder, which he can use in order to improve the character profile. However, while the basic principles of DarkSouls 3 remain unchanged, developers decided to refresh the mechanics of battles. Thus, according to From Software’s representative the gameplay of the third part will be more aggressive, and in this respect it will resemble Bloodborne.   

In the previous parts a player mostly needed to avoid attacks and always hold a shield in front of him, beating the enemy from time to time. Now developers decided to make the battle speed faster. The character himself will move much faster, and the attack speed will be increased as well. In general, a player with good armour and a huge shield won’t feel himself at ease anymore – opponents will be changing tactics all the time and will attack from all sides. It means that players will have to learn killing monsters almost starting from scratch.

Might and magic


Players who preferred to play as wizards or clerics will have to learn once again as well. In Dark Souls 3 wizard heroes will get a scale of magic energy instead of limit for spells, which was used in the first and second parts. Energy will be refilled with the help of a magic flask with estus, similar to the flask that refills the hero’s hit points. And it will be renewed in the same way – near the fireplace. So far it is known, that the main hero will be able to use two types of magic – “Sorcery” and “Miracles”. Moreover, not only wizards will need magic energy, but fans of close combat will need it as well – each weapon in Dark Souls 3 will be equipped with a special attack. Unleashing a magic attack will consume a bit of mana, causing greater damage to the opponent.  

Naturally, a new game could not be created without new weapons. In the same way as before they can be improved with the help of special boosts. Among the massive armoury, which will be available in the third part, we would like to draw special attention to a short bow that allows firing arrows at your enemies at a quick pace.

Besides that, Dark Souls 3 game offers alternative combat stances with weapon that open up a new set of moves and kicks. Thus, you will be able to use a two-handed sword, delivering slow but very strong strikes, or making fast movements, which will take away less hit points from your opponent. Double blades will allow a player to turn around attacking all enemies that surround him, or fight against one opponent. But monsters will have similar possibilities – they will constantly change the style of fighting, adjusting to the player’s tactics. So each battle will turn into a real head-scratcher. 

Iron in blood


Developers of Dark Souls 3 use an In-house engine, which was successfully implemented in Bloodborne, that’s why you should not worry about the graphics. Besides that, From Software promises to provide an advanced model of injuries that will allow cutting off monsters’ limbs for example. Havok engine will be responsible for that.

However delicacy of graphics is just a pleasant addition to the spirit of the game. As usual, developers have managed to create a unique atmosphere of terror, general decay and anticipation of the end of the age. The game world consists of quite picturesque ruins, inhabited by sectarians, monsters and other unpleasant characters, creating a distressing scene, and encouraging a deep immersion into the game. Hidetaka Miyazaki personally works on the design of opponents and locations. He promised that the atmosphere of horror and doom won’t be inferior to the previous parts of the series.

To make it short, there are no grounds not to believe that the third game won’t be worse than the first two parts.  Fans can prepare to once again find themselves in a sullen and cruel apocalyptic world, where everyone wishes death to our hero. The game will be released on all major platforms – PC, Xbox One and PS4. On 24 March 2016 it will go on sale in Japan, and starting from 12 April 2016 Dark Souls 3 will be available to players from all over the world. 


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