Deadpool has reached Ukraine

11 February 2016 Deadpool has reached Ukraine

The first showing of one of the most anticipated films – Deadpool – took place before Saint Valentine’s Day in Ukraine. Nobody knows whether it was done on purpose, in order to encourage men to spend the holiday watching a real trash movie, or it was a mere coincidence. But the fact remains that starting from the 11th of March the most reckless screen adaptation of Marvel comics has been running in cinemas.

In order to avoid spoilers we will just say that Deadpool is likely to become the icon of jokes in the Internet. In a week’s time from the premiere all social networks will be citing, commenting and making up new memes based on the film. Superhero movie viewers haven’t heard such brilliant dialogues before. 

The main character fully meets all expectations. And even more than that – some moments can really surprise you! Deadpool’s behaviour sometimes makes viewers blush. Generally speaking, the film doesn’t fit within the genre. 


The film has been rated R, meaning that underage individuals are restricted from watching it. And that’s quite relevant. It would be difficult to explain to a child why the hero behaves himself like that.

In the middle of film you might begin thinking that Deadpool is a mockery of a traditional superhero. But later you begin to realize that the character is more likely to be realistic, as while having such super abilities not many people will start doing noble deeds.

Ryan Reynolds, acting as a main hero, has claimed that Deadpool is congenial to him.  In fact the story of the main hero goes beyond fiction. Even in the comics this character unlike other heroes could change the world around him, tear out episodes from comics and leave the painted universe when he wanted. It was the original plan of the authors, and in the film this all-permissiveness allowed Deadpool to move beyond superhero environment and turned out to be real - where cruelty, lust and violence are integral parts of the reckless way of living, chosen by our hero.

Meanwhile, 20th Century Fox has announced that it starts working on a sequel. There are rumours saying that the crew will remain the same and producer of the first part Tim Miller won’t be able to abandon such a crazy project.

Century Fox believes that with a relatively small budget of $65 million (not including promotion), the film will have a great success.

After all, if you are an admirer of black humour and quality action, you must watch Deadpool.

Hurry up to buy tickets in order to avoid spoilers! I guess you want to watch this masterpiece before your annoying neighbour who is always spoiling the fun. 


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