Deadpool – an extraordinary superhero

03 February 2016 Deadpool – an extraordinary superhero

Deadpool cannot be called just another hackneyed film about superhero that has fantastic abilities, saves the world and will remain in children’s hearts as a symbol of goodness and fairness. Deadpool is a screen adaptation of a truly unique comic strip, whose rating is not even 18+, but 25+!

Comic science fiction action film, directed by Tim Miller, has to turn the superhero movie into a serious realistic action with elements of humour that suit here really well. For this purpose Deadpool has to become a really bad guy. 

The main hero Wade Wilson, played by Ryan Reynolds, was a Special Forces operative and became a mercenary. Not just a mercenary, but a victim of a common experiment, which is much beloved by Marvel authors. An unbelievable experience has brought him a standard superhero set – a possibility to heal and regenerate cells and a possession of super power. To a large extent, we have seen all these in other heroes.

The hero’s body was mutilated after the awful chemical experiment. Thus, in order not to terrify enemies just with his appearance, he put on a red and black superhero suit.  

But Wade Wilson’s problems do not end here: he begins to see life differently and transforms into an extraordinary villain. Due to his sense of humour, that has been inherent to him throughout all his life, his new role cannot fail to arouse lots of affection from viewers. Subtle but at the same time very mature humour perfectly goes with constant fights, shooting and all other things characteristic for action films. 

Undoubtedly, the plot isn’t based on anecdotes and unceasing murders alone. Our charismatic hero calls himself Deadpool and decides to find the man who changed his whole life.

This comic science fiction action film will surprise any admirer of superhero movies. For many decades fans of Marvel and DC worlds have been waiting for something new and craving for a fresh realization of a superhero character. And here he is – Deadpool! A hero who has pushed the envelope! But the film has got an R rating from the MPAA.

Thus, if you are a fan of dark humour and quality action, you must watch this film. It will be appreciated even by the older generation that does not favour screen versions of popular comics.

Deadpool will definitely set the stage for new superhero movies, tending to be more violent, liberated and truly adult-oriented. 


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