John Uke: Games are a great way to meet new friends

25 May 2017 John Uke: Games are a great way to meet new friends

During a presentation at WEGAME 3.0, speaker John Uke described the features of GameTree social app for gamers. “Games are a great way to meet new friends and stay in touch”, noted the speaker. GameTree helps to find people from all over the world based on their interests.

Using the special tools, data of all players is thoroughly analyzed, in order to find the perfect matches. John told about the typology of player personalities created on the basis of MBTI classification (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator), engaged in GameTree as one of the key searching tools.

So basically, there are 16 personality types divided into 4 main groups, with their specific traits:

Rationals. Intuitive thinking. Prefer strategies and open world games. Plan all actions schematically. Like single player games more than the multiplayer ones. Choose attacking roles.

Guardians. Not inclined to risk, accept opinion of the majority. Don’t like open world, love structure. Choose the defensive roles.

Idealists. Prefer role-playing games and open world. Love helping others. Choose the supporting characters.

Artisans. Love sports, table games and hand-held games. Oftentimes have a fickle character, like to seize the day. Don’t finish games.

Statistics show that people are more likely to become friends if they have similar types of personalities. But when it comes to romantic relations, everything is vice versa: different types have better chances to end up together.

GameTree helps users to define their types of characters, have a better understanding of their own personalities, and meet other interesting people. Find out more about the project in WEGAME’s interview with John Uke.


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