Dota 2: what is tilting and how to deal with it

15 February 2018 Dota 2: what is tilting and how to deal with it

Any gamer who has dedicated a relatively long period of time to the iconic Dota 2, probably faced such a phenomenon as tilting. This is a special feeling and a state, when you have no desire, and even the ability, to play your favorite game. When a gamer is attacked by tilt, they are out of the game, becoming an impersonal and amorphous observer. Most often, this condition goes away along with enemy winning the game, but in particularly rough cases, apathy can continue in the next rounds.

How to deal with tilting, which most often gets you when the whole team plays much worse than you do? Of course, any sane gamer will not be pleased to work with such losers. In this case, do not forget one simple rule: the angrier you’re going to be towards you companions, the higher are the chances to fully tilt and completely lose the round.


What to do not to tilt?

There are two options. The first one is the path of humility. Well, you didn’t get lucky with the team, the game doesn’t go that smoothly, and the day is just... like that. Not for gaming, in general. Lose the round, leave the game and do something else.

If the first path is not for you for some reason: whether it is the sheer desire to win or simply natural persistence, then there is a second way for you: the way of fighting. You have to believe that you are going win, and start motivating your team. Do everything for them to win, teach them, direct them, make them! This option also does not leave tilt any chances.

Note that the second option works only if you have good self-control and endurance. If you are tired, angry, irritated or something like that, then do not ruin your day completely and choose the first option. In the end, tomorrow is a new day and a new game!


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