Eugene «Yozhyk» Mostovik gives guidance to future e-sportsmen

15 September 2016 Eugene «Yozhyk» Mostovik gives guidance to future e-sportsmen

Eugene «Yozhyk» Mostovik conducted autograph sessions and fan tournaments during the second WEGAME festival. Repeated winner of national and world FIFA championships, famous member of Natus Vincere team met with the press service representative of WEGAME. Eugene told about his tactics of playing with fans and gave several recommendations to beginning e-sportsmen.

WEGAME: What can you tell about our festival?

Yozhyk: Quite a good level as for Ukraine, because such events have appeared not so long ago. Naturally, many steps should be taken to reach the level of such world gaming events as Gamescom or E3, but they probably also started with something similar.

So we will see how things will develop, and meanwhile there is much to see for fans of computer games and technologies. I think that every person that came here found something interesting for himself.

WEGAME: What can you tell us about fan tournaments? Was there anything memorable?

Yozhyk: Not much, because I always have an advantage on the field in terms of playing, and it always finishes unfortunate for the opponent. But it’s fun anyways, because while during serious matches I score a goal at the earliest opportunity, here I reach empty gates and start making things up there. I don’t score immediately, but make some fun, make passes, show my predominance over the competitor. From this perspective, it is fun, I like it.

We also play for different teams. During tournaments, usually the strongest clubs such as Real Madrid or Bavaria, Barcelona are taken – generally speaking, teams that contain the best players. And here fellows take their favourite team. Someone can take Borussia, someone – Liverpool, and I stay in sync with them. I take opponents that play derby in real life.

WEGAME: Are you waiting for some novelties in gaming industry?

Yozhyk: Currently I am waiting for FIFA 17, because a new version of this game is released every year in the end of September. So a demo version will appear in the next few days, and a full version – in two weeks. That is what I am primarily waiting for. And as to technologies, I am a fan of Apple; I have lots of devices produced by this company. I am waiting for iPhone 7.

WEGAME: What can you advise to those who want to become e-sportsmen?

Yozhyk: To try themselves during small tournaments. Afterwards you can play at national level competitions, and if you gain special qualifications, you can participate in international competitions. If you start playing some online tournaments, it can happen that an organization looking for a player in your favourite discipline will take notice of you. It can offer you something, and that’s how your journey will begin.

That’s how my journey started in 2008. I was playing online, and was noticed by organization that required a FIFA player. They saw that I was “passing harshly”, that I am new and without a team, so they offered my first contract, and right things started happening. 


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