Far Cry: Primal – back in the past

23 February 2016 Far Cry: Primal – back in the past

On 23 February 2016 a console version of new game from Far Cry series will be released. For PC users the release date is planned for March this year.

Developers from Ubisoft claim that Primal is not a continuation of the series, but an absolutely independent game, made in the traditions of the original Far Cry.

Let’s start from the most important details – the main hero of the game lives in the distant past, approximately 10000 years BC.  It makes clear that there will be global changes in gameplay, as prehistoric era is not famous for abundance of artifacts, with which players can interact. Nevertheless, developers have done their best to make the gameplay not worse than in previous parts, that’s why the map of the new game is almost comparable with Far Cry 4. Such freedom assumes lots of activities for the main hero. By the way, his name is Takkar and he is an experienced hunter according to the plot. 


So, we find ourselves in the Stone Age, where sabre-toothed tigers and huge mammoths reign. It turns out that the hunting group, with which Takkar lived, was killed. And now he has to start his own journey, improving his skills of crafting weapons from animal bones or stone.

Later it turns out that there are three tribes in the game: Wenja, cannibals and a community that the main protagonist will reveal in the future. He represents Wenja tribe, which for many years has been fighting against cannibals, who constantly kill their compatriots. It was they who killed the whole Wenja tribe and left Takkar alive by mistake. So it becomes clear that the main goal of the game is to take revenge on cannibals for murdering kith and kin of the main hero.  


Developers have given Takkar almost total freedom. He can interact not only with other things or people. The hero can tame animals. Besides that, animals can substitute weapons in the game. The thing is that upon command a pretty looking animal can attack the enemy and bite him to death. Developers promise that there will be 17 animals, which players will be able to make friends with.

In order not to restrict the hero’s travelling speed, developers have decided to use the traditional means of transport in the Stone Age – mammoths. A mammoth can be tamed in the same way as other animals – you need to come up to it, stroke it and give it some food to eat in order to show respect, and the mammoth will never forget it. It’s not only nice to ride mammoths, but useful as well. The thing is that they can act like armoured vehicles and smash down the enemies that they meet on their way.

There are some other interesting pets.  For instance an owl can be used as a drone. This bird views the territory and warns the main hero about dangers. And if you ask it well, it will be able to scratch eyes out the person you don’t like. 


Another important aspect of gameplay is a kind of prehistoric way of healing. After each battle Takkar bandages himself and his animal friend that helped him.

The map opens up as you progress through the game, which allows keeping a player intrigued for a long time, until he travels around the whole game world.

Nevertheless, developers have decided that moving from A to B can sometimes harm gameplay, that’s why there are special fireplaces scattered throughout the map, which can help teleport over any distance.

In the course of time Takkar acquires his own armoury, consisting of a bow, a spear and even resin garnets.

Apart from fighting enemies the main hero will have to fulfill different missions. With their help Takkar can gain loyalty of groups of people that will support him in the fight against cannibals.

One can say that Far Cry: Primal is based on the development of definite skills needed for survival in the Stone Age. A player has to think how he can handle situations without automatic weapons, first aid kits and other modern tools. As a result, the game has turned out to be very interesting with its inimitable details and corresponding atmosphere. We can say that Far Cry has been given a new look, and that’s all to the good.

Thus, if you have a console, you can safely buy the game. And PC owners will have to wait for March to come. 


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