Pavlo Kovalenko, founder of Anima Unity organization, and journalist Nikolay Yakovenko joined speakers of WEGAME 3.0

31 March 2017 Pavlo Kovalenko, founder of Anima Unity organization, and journalist Nikolay Yakovenko joined speakers of WEGAME 3.0

April 8-9, the main stage of the WEGAME 3.0 festival will host open lectures, including presentations from recognized experts in game development, eSports and cosplay.

On April 8, speakers will include Pavlo Kovalenko, the founder of Anima Unity eSports organization. He will make a presentation on the topic: ESports tournaments - a new kind of socialization.

Anima Unity eSports organization allows players to work their way from an amateur to a professional eSports player, providing training and promotion services. In a year on the market, the company achieved the following:

  • held Ukraine’s first Dota 2 championship;
  • established the eSports school for amateurs and semipros;
  • organized bootcamps for Dota 2 teams in Kiev and Chernihiv.

Unity eSports school conducts online trainings. The educational program includes monthly courses for improving a solo rating, and the best students in terms of summary indicators obtain the invitation to play as a part of eSports teams.

On April 9, Nikolay Yakovenko, a collector of retro consoles, journalist and historian, will speak within the lectures. His presentation topic: The history of videogames: from "Pong" through the "war of the consoles" to Virtual Reality.

Nikolay is a well-known collector of game consoles, in-depth knowing the history of game development up to 2000s. He will conduct a comprehensible insight into the background and reveal a lot of interesting related details. The lecture will be interesting for both video game chronicle experts and common gamers.

WEGAME 3.0 festival will allow you to enjoy a lot of interesting activities! You can buy a ticket right here. We also advise you to take a look at conditions of the contest, which prize will be 50% discount for a ticket.


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