G2A.com Plans to Enter the Ukrainian Gaming Market

19 September 2016 G2A.com Plans to Enter the Ukrainian Gaming Market

There was much to be seen in a demo area of the Festival.  A stand belonging to our general partner G2A was one of the most popular places throughout the event. WEGAME press service also did leave it unattended and found out about G2A.com plans concerning Ukrainian gaming market.

WEGAME: Hello! Please introduce yourself to our readers.

G2A: We are a trading platform G2A.com, where you can buy and sell computer games and skins for different games, for example, DOTA 2 and CS: GO. We also have a variety of programs to support users and Goldmines, where they can earn via referral links.

We are also engaged in the virtual reality. Today, we present here our games. It is a virtual amusement park G2A Land. We support sports. For example, we have sponsored guys to participated in eSports activities at WEGAME. These are the main things.

WEGAME: The Ukrainian visitors of your website often raise the question of how to find Ukraine in the list of countries on your website? We also tried to find it but could not do that.

G2A: Yes, that is true. You cannot find Ukraine, but we are working hard to improve the situation. The company is fairly new, but it is developing very rapidly, and Ukraine is our next step. We do our best to introduce hryvnia. Unfortunately, it is not available now.  The Ukrainian language is likely to appear later, but not this year.

WEGAME: Does it mean that in 2017 we will be able to enter G2A.com and select our country?

G2A: I cannot guarantee it, but we are actively working in this direction.

WEGAME: What do you think about virtual and augmented reality? Can it be a success?

G2A: I think it is actually a success. If you look at this year's trade fairs and events, you will see that virtual reality takes the first place. The content for VR glasses and headsets is being actively developed. We believe the strong growth in the market of AR and VR products will continue to occur for a few years.

WEGAME: What do you think will be more popular: AR or VR?

G2A: It’s a difficult question. We believe that they will develop together.

WEGAME: Are you looking forward to any upcoming games?

G2A: Civilization 6 is coming soon. Probably, the whole our team will leave on vacation for this period. Siberia 3 also belongs to the expected games. We like its first two games. This niche game is coming in December and it must be fun.

WEGAME: How do you like our festival?

G2A: We liked it. We did not expect that there would be so many visitors. It turned out well. Maybe, it would be great to have some similar content, because sometimes there is too much attention to our stand. Obviously, everyone likes it. Of course, this is a good thing, but sometimes it is difficult. Overall, I enjoyed the festival, thanks to the organizers.



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