Gamers, be cost-conscious! Legal ways not to overpay for games

20 February 2019Gamers, be cost-conscious! Legal ways not to overpay for games

Secondary market purchases, exchange, subscriptions, and sales are some of the available ways to save on video games. Read, practice, and don’t overpay!

General rules of game savings

The average price of PS Store games ranges from 500 to 700 UAH, while some of them can reach 1000 UAH and more. Prices of certain Xbox One games are given in dollars at the current exchange rate, which is primarily unprofitable for Ukrainian players.

According to Wargaming, revenue of Ukraine’s video game market in 2018 grew by 13.6% in comparison with 2017. In general, this sum is equal to $179.2 million. Interestingly, the amount of Ukrainian players paying for games did not increased. It means that we have just began to spend more money.

However, there are good news as well: over recent years, one has offered a lot more ways to save on games than earlier. In order not to pay through the nose and leave money on the table, you should initially learn several ground rules:

  • pay only for credible gaming novelties;
  • buy in sales only things you will definitely need;
  • use bank cards rather than cash;
  • do not make pre-orders payable in advance until reviews appear;
  • don't hesitate to ask for pre-order compensation;
  • monitor discounts and special offers.

Well, it is not difficult to save on video games. You should spend just a little time and be careful.

Subscriptions are profitable

Almost all major manufacturing companies offer special services providing an access to the full package of games for a token fee.

How to buy games together with friends

Currently, you can legally gain a shared access to a single game for two or three people. In this case, you are able to save at least 50% and more on video games, depending on the platform and the number of potential participants.

Sharing by Steam. For example, Steam has the Sharing service for sharing games with friends. It allows to give an access to library games to another five players whose settings and results are kept separately. Truly speaking, you won’t be able to play at the same time, unfortunately. Instead, the service permits purchasing a game for two or more individuals from a single account and play it one after another (saving achievements separately).

4 and Xbox One. Users of these consoles are provided with wider opportunities: for instance, they can play simultaneously or choose a multiplayer. A necessary game is bought at full cost for a certain console, and then its owner can share an access with a friend so that he or she will be able to load the game to their account. And Presto! Afterwards, both persons can play at the same time from two different consoles without violating any rules. Unfortunately, this option is not available for all games: in particular, FIFA 15 can be played offline only.

All these methods are legal and do not breach shops’ rules. And most importantly, you can acquire a new console game at rock-bottom prices. Before purchasing, you should carefully examine and follow the access rules. Not only can you cooperate with friends or relatives who play on the same console, but you are also able to look for like-minded fellows on the Internet.

Purchase of secondary market games

You can also save money (or compensate funds spent for the game) by acquiring and selling games on the secondary market. It offers both novelties and old games: you can find almost everything at the favorable price. So, new PS4 и Xbox One offers can be bought 20% cheaper. Discounts on old and conventional games can reach 50%. Players should place and find offers on specialized gaming forums and related resources.

In the same manner, you can exchange games with other users without any expenses. Surely, such a practice is not appropriate for dedicated collectors because they will have to part with a game purchased on a physical medium. And this method is legal as well! Sony and Microsoft do not forbid reselling discs, as they believe that people have the right to do whatever they want with their copies. Physical media can be acquired for two or three persons.

Monitoring of game sales

Frequently, developers hold sales of their game series, sell them as a whole bunch, and offer excellent discounts. Such promotions can be found on Steam, GOG, and Origin. In order not to monitor all the resources each after each, you can subscribe to special forums and specialized discussions. Reddit’s certain section to the rescue: check it regularly and buy games at beneficial prices on a constant basis.

Given below are useful resources for monitoring game sales:

  • Psprices: relevant discounts on Sony games;
  • Treasuretracker: all discounts on PlayStation games;
  • Gamedeals: Reddit’s section about special offers for various gaming platforms;
  • Dailygamedeals: current offers for console and PC games.

The search for discounts, promotions, and sales does not require too much time. If you put forth some effort, you will be able to save significant sums of money on video games for PCs and consoles: on the average, about 50% of the full cost. Some prices during sales and special offers drop by 75–80%, which is especially profitable when acquiring games along with other players.


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