GG 2017 was attended by 1800 people! The Farm 51 is preparing a new game about Chornobyl

19 December 2017 GG 2017 was attended by 1800 people! The Farm 51 is preparing a new game about Chornobyl

A business conference for game developers, Games Gathering 2017, was held on 9-10 of December. As the organizers promised, this year’s event was much larger. For example, if in 2015 the GG conference had 600 visitors and in 2016 - 1040, this year the indicator was 1800 people.

We are not going to describe all 70 reports, 10 workshops, 6 battles and all the exhibitors, more than 60 of which were just indie projects. Among the participants, we will mention only such giants of the industry as the Ubisoft,, Unity and Epic Games, which also sponsored the conference.

New survival horror about Chornobyl from The Farm 51!

We suggest analyzing the speech of The Farm 51 studio creative director, Wojciech Pazdur. At WEGAME 3.0, the co-founder of the Polish video game company stated that their new project will be closely connected to the history of Ukraine and hinted at the possibility of returning to the topic of Chornobyl nuclear power station.

As part of the GG 2017, he publicly announced a game in the survival horror genre, the main location for which will be Chornobyl. It uses the experience of Chernobyl VR Project, as well as new frames and scans from the Exclusion Zone. In addition to the juicy picture, the developers promise an interesting story and exciting gameplay.

Wegame: GG 2017 was attended by 1800 people! The Farm 51 is preparing a new game about Chornobyl

In the new game, Chornobyl will reveal itself from many sides: it will be dangerous, epic and mysterious, at times mystical and illusory and even excitingly beautiful. Pripyat will be a "dream city", which suddenly became a nightmare for many people.

For now, even the name of the project is kept a secret, but the WEGAME journalist talked to the The Farm 51 creative director and found out the approximate timeframe for the release of the game - it is planned to be released before 2019. They also managed to find out this Polish developer’s opinion about the GG conference and his plans for WEGAME 4.0.

Lidiya Tsenenko (L.T.): What do you think about the Games Gathering 2017 conference?

Wojciech Pazdur (W.P.): I'm surprised that the event this year is so big. It is known that Ukraine has a lot of gamers and developers, but I did not expect to see this many developers here. I realized how many large companies have studios in Kyiv (for example, and Crytek). There are also a lot of indie projects, they are especially interesting to me, because what they do is closer to the work of The Farm 51.

I like to visit events for gamers, including Ukrainian ones. However, at GG I also got to attend a lot of interesting lectures from Ukrainian and foreign specialists, which is especially valuable. I believe that such events are very important.

L. T.: Do you plan to visit WEGAME 4.0 next spring?

V.P.: Yes, I do. I've been to the past WEGAME festivals, and I'm always very pleased to visit them, see familiar faces and spend a few days in Kyiv. This time also works for planning other trips around Ukraine, for example, to Chornobyl. So I'm not going to miss such an opportunity, I am planning to come to WEGAME 4.0.

There will be more information about the new game in the spring of 2018, we hope to learn it from Wojciech Pazdur himself at the next WEGAME festival.


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