Hackers from 3DM admitted that they cannot crack Just Cause 3

14 January 2016 Hackers from 3DM admitted that they cannot crack Just Cause 3

Representatives of Chinese pirate hacker group 3DM, which has been cracking new games for PC on a massive scale for several years now, have announced that the protection of a recently released game does not allow cracking it.

It is referred to action-thriller Just Cause 3. Developers have equipped the game with Denuvo security system, which is very difficult to crack. However programmers stated that they are not ready to admit their defeat.

Commenting on Denuvo protection hackers noted: taking into consideration its resistance to cracks, piracy could cease to exist in several years. But let’s cast our minds back to 2010 when something like that was said about DRM protection.

The main disadvantage of Denuvo, which can be a real obstacle for popularization of the system, is its high price. If companies start to use it on a massive scale, it will influence the price of games, and consequently diminish the audience. At the same time some developers, including famous creators of The Witcher trilogy, CD Project Red, are against any kinds of protection against piracy. 

Meanwhile the most acid tongued Internet users say that Just Cause 3 is not cracked, because nobody is interested in it. For instance, on MetaCritic website the game hit 5.1 out of 10 rating, with 45 negative reviews versus 40 positive ones. 


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