Hearthstone VS. TFT-2 Auto Battlers and Other Gaming News

08 November 2019 Hearthstone VS. TFT-2 Auto Battlers and Other Gaming News

The beginning of November appeared to be quite rich in gaming news. They include both BlizzCon 2019 major announcements and small steps towards great victories by Dark Souls modders. Let’s examine all of them.

Teamfight Tactics: Rise of the Elements

Due to its tenth anniversary, Riot Games has announced plenty of new League of Legends games. The majority of them are still at the early development stage and even unnamed. However, a new patch for the well-established Teamfight Tactics called Rise of the Elements has recently become commonly available.

By the way, Riot Games describes TFT as a mode of League of Legends rather than a game. Nevertheless, players and streamers consider Teamfight Tactics: Rise of the Elements as the second almost brand-new game of the series. And this is for good reason.

Initially, TFT characters were divided into origins and classes, and now into elements and classes. No more origins, while the class system has changed. Some common classes have remained: Ranger, Assassin, Blademaster, and Mage instead of Sorcerer. The new ones: Alchemist, Avatar, Berserker, Summoner, Druid, Mystic, Predator, and Warden.

Naturally, all the elements are new. At least, Glacial is seemed to be familiar. The new ones: Crystal, Desert, Electric, Inferno, Light, Steel, Mountain, Ocean, Poison, Shadow, Wind, and Woodland.

The first TFT had 57 characters along with Kai'Sa. The Rise of the Elements consists of 51 champions with only 13 of them being known to players. Besides, even conventional characters are transformed. Some of them have new skins, value, and classes. Vayne has faced minimum changes: the same skins, the cost of 1 coin, and the Ranger class.

Teamfight Tactics: Rise of the Elements

There are a lot of changes, but we won’t specify all of them in the article. It is worth noting that the game popularity has grown with the release, but not quite substantially. It is partially caused by the fact that the Elements have been accessible on the PBE server since the announcement. Almost all gamers could obtain access to the test server, while developers reduced the necessary Honor Level to 2.

However, there is another reason. Prior to the official launch of Riot Games’ patch, Blizzard Entertainment opened early access to its auto battler described below.

Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Since November 5, BlizzCon attendees and virtual ticket owners, as well as players preordering Descent of Dragons cards, have received early access to Hearthstone Battlegrounds.

The Battlegrounds mode is a kind of the popular auto battler. The same genre includes such games as Teamfight Tactics by Riot Games, Dota Underlords by Valve, Auto Chess by Drodo Studio, and the old Dota Auto Chess by Drodo.

Players have long awaited for Blizzard’s auto battler. As soon as TFT introduced its novelties, one said that Blizzard should also stay abreast until it was too late. As usual, the company took its time. But the product is worth it.

Battlegrounds are designed for 8 players. There is a pool of characters that should be collected into 3* in order to get an upgraded version. Units can be acquired in between fights and can be sold. Gamers will have to spend coins on the level-up to obtain characters of the higher level.

Battlegrounds have their own features. The game is in the Hearthstone style. Characters are traditional cards from recent and old additions. Bob's Tavern allows to buy units, increase a level, and construct an ever-evolving board of Minions. At the start, players will be able to choose among three characters with unique abilities instead of familiar Hearthstone classes. All the details are available here.

Beta testing for all players will begin on November 12. It is worth visiting the Tavern.

Diablo 4

Perhaps, the most debated event of BlizzCon 2019 is the announcement of Diablo 4 and the elaborated cinematic dedicated to it. Watch until the end in order not to miss Lilith's appearance.

Blizzard has not unveiled the release date yet. Reportedly, Diablo 4 will feature a PvP mode as well as will be available on PCs, Playstation, and Xbox.

Moreover, developers have shown the gameplay trailer. It is amazing.

Hitman 2 anniversary

Let’s return to the spectacular celebration of anniversaries. Hitman 2 action movie was released on November 13, 2018. Therefore, IO International decided to arrange a festive month in November 2019. Players will be able to enjoy interesting content updates every week.

There will be 10 user contracts as well as 8 escalation contracts consisting of new and classic buildings. In November, players will be provided with 6 challenge packs, which completion will give a special dinner jacket and a pirate’s suit. They will also allow to gain a katana, a titanium tire iron, a couple of guns, and a hammer.

In November, gamers will also get a chance to achieve the Elusive Legacy Target – Xander Haverfoek. The Fixer will return to Marrakech.

First custom map in Dark Souls

Dark Souls modders have finally managed to add a custom map into the legendary role-playing game. The game was launched on PC seven years ago, but such an option was impossible because of the specific nature of the Havok engine.

Meowmaritus and Horkrux managed to find an accessible for a limited time old version of the tool set allowing to create content on this specific engine. Applying it, they added the famous Crossfire map of the original Half-Life. It looks funny.

However, files designed by modders are compatible only with two series games: Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition and Dark Souls 2. One more difficulty is that authors have not yet found a way to add opponents on their custom map. Thus, a knight runs across the concrete bunker alone. So, we can just wish good luck to Meowmaritus and Horkrux in their hard work.


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