Far Cry: Primal has been recently released for play stations, but several easter eggs have been already discovered

01 March 2016 Far Cry: Primal has been recently released for play stations, but several easter eggs have been already discovered

Players have found seven easter eggs in action-adventure Far Cry: Primal. If you don’t know where to find them, you are welcome to read this article. Especially for you we have prepared some spoilers.

 Having met a mention of prehistoric vehicles made from stone, players decided to explore the most distant places and … found the first vehicle at the bottom of the lake that lies near the west border. So you need to find the lake, dive, and – profit! 


Players found Urki The Thinker, and noticed that he looks like Hurk from shooters Far Cry 3 and 4. When a player finishes the quest, he demonstrates a leap of faith, which resembles Assassin’s Creed. 


But it’s not the only reference to this game: one more tip is a mark on the map. 



The next easter egg sends a player to Blood Dragon: there is a dragon skeleton hidden in one of the caves. Near the skeleton lie the eggs that didn’t hatch out dragon’s offsprings from Ubisoft game.  


One more easter egg is hidden in the south cave. You need to walk with a torch until you bump into a wall. In order to get through hurdles, you should use the Grappling Claw and in the end Ubisoft sign will appear. 


All of a sudden… Stonehenge. A stone manmade monument in the west of Far Cry: Primal map. Here you will need to perform one of the rituals. 


Once the protagonist goes through low level quests, he will get the task to find and bring main characters. One of them – Karoosh the warrior – can be found in the mission “Brother In Need”. He looks exactly the same as Big Boss from action game Metal Gear Solid.


Get ready for taming wild animals,        arrow shooting and javelin throwing! The release date of the PC version should be announced today, 1 March, while play station owners got an opportunity to play one week ago. Before you download the game, make sure that you have not less than 16 GB of free space on the disk. 


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