Gaming mice: novelties of gamers’ peripherals in 2018

09 August 2018 Gaming mice: novelties of gamers’ peripherals in 2018

Even a mouth can affect the game enjoyment. You should choose it correctly. When a mouth suits gamer’s demands perfectly, they conquer quite different peaks. Well, what gaming mice does the computer peripherals market offer to real professionals in 2018?

Razer DeathAdder Chroma

The model is user-friendly and efficient. It features the high quality of scroll wheel and keys. High-resolution side buttons are easy and comfortable for pressing.

DeathAdder Chroma is equipped with an optical sensor that monitors the altitude of lifting off from the surface (without reducing the accuracy). The sensor response is 16 000 dpi, thus even professional eSports players can use the device. It has seven programming keys with immediate response.

Features: the absence of glides: may seem big in comparison with other models; smooth surface.

Price: 40 USD

Redragon Firestorm Black-Red USB

It is designed for multi-player online game lovers. Redragon Firestorm Black-Red USB is equipped with a 16 400 dpi laser sensor. is one of the best options among all the new gaming mice in 2018.

The mouse is connected to a PC using a USB cable; it consists of 19 buttons, 18 of which can be adjusted individually. The model features adjustable LED highlighting and changeable weighting agents for personal requirements. It is appropriate for both games and software operations.

Features: it matches only a right hand because of the keys placement.

Price: 45 USD

Zowie Gear Gaming Mouse (FK1)

Compatible with Windows and Mac OS, the high-resolution model with an optical sensor will be preferred by those who like simplicity and symmetry of design and high technical characteristics. The ergonomic form is perfect for any hand. The response rate is 3200 dpi; the reaction time is 1 ms. The device is convenient for shooter lovers due to soft and fast clicks.

Features: the body is totally plastic; the lack of dpi parameter settings; the absence of multipurpose software.

Price: 100 USD

Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum Black

Logitech gaming products are aimed at professional eSports players, thus their significant disadvantage is the price. The rest features of G900 Chaos Spectrum Black look pretty well. It is connected via both a USB cable and wireless connection.

It is equipped with 11 programming keys, rubber grips, and 12 000 dpi high-resolution sensor. The mouth is small and suitable for either left or right hand. Colored highlighting changes according to the user’s taste and can be deactivated.

Features: high reaction speed; glides and stubs for buttons; durability; high price.

Price: 152 USD

Thermaltake Tt Sports Level 10M

Not only do new gaming mice in 2018 refer to incredible technical specifications, but also to unique design. It is proved by Thermaltake Tt Sports Level 10M mouse. Its body is made of metal, and its weight is 0.558 kg!

The device is equipped with an 8200 dpi laser sensor and adjustable highlighting. Wireless and USB PC connections are available.

aesthetic design; reliable body made of aviation dural; 11 programming buttons; heavy weight.

Price: 70 USD


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