Games not to miss this July

04 July 2017 Games not to miss this July

June has been remarkable for outstanding game releases, despite the fact that summer is usually rarely rich for eagerly-awaiting video games. Nonetheless, some of new projects and updates are scheduled for July, and they can really enlighten this month for hardcore gamers.

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

On July 11, PS4 owners would be able to enjoy the HD remake of Final Fantasy XII released over 10 years ago. Aside of the graphics, new version will have a Zodiac Job add-on, previously known only to the Japanese fans. This update determines the system of professions, allowing to improve the character skills.

Don’t Starve Mega Pack

Console version of the crafting survival from Klei Entertainment studio will be released on July 14, together with all available add-ons. Multiplayer mode is particularly interesting, as well as the scenarios like Reign of Giants and Shipwrecked.

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

Release is scheduled for July 18. This game is not for those who love epic battles, and altogether, not every gamer can really appreciate it. Instead, kids would love to build the farms and tame cute animals. Lack of the age restrictions is also some sort of an advantage.


On July 25, PlayStation 4 and PC will see the launch of a new strategy from Supergiant Games that also created such games as Bastion and Transistor. Setting is quite unorthodox: a hero saves his sole from an unusual hell, winning it in the spiritualistic basketball game.

Aven Colony

Another extraordinary game will be released on July 25 as well. One can’t say that Aven Colony is very unique, but it can steal your attention for a long time. Player builds a colony town on the alien planet, but its indigenous inhabitants aren’t very happy to see the guests.

Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun

28 of July will be notable for the release of a stealth action with an ancient Japan setting. Ninjas, samurai, and geishas of the Land of the Rising Sun are perfect as characters in this ambiguous genre. Developers promise that it’d be really hard to finish the game.


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