Interview with John Uke, GameTree founder and CEO

05 May 2017 Interview with John Uke, GameTree founder and CEO

John Uke, the founder and CEO of the social project for gamers called GameTree, was interviewed by the festival media office after his presentation at the open lecturers of WEGAME 3.0. He shared details of his brainchild, revealed reasons for entering the Ukrainian market, and specified activities presented on the company stand. Read more below.

Interviewer: Lidiya Tsenenko (L. T.)

Speaker: John Uke (J. U.)

L. T.: What did motivate you to enter the Ukrainian market?

U.: There was the whole range of reasons. Following these reasons, I have been looking for an appropriate place for a long time. Besides, within 5 years of living in San Francisco, I have got a lot of good friends from Ukraine. It seems to me that demands of people here are similar to American. But the US market is highly competitive and requires great efforts to break even and positively stand out among other companies. We are still hardly ready to it.

I see a lot of opportunities in Ukraine for business development, promotion of our applications, and creation of new offers. The country has many people who can be our target audience, so we hope to get quality feedback here and prepare GameTree for the global market.

L. T.: In what other countries is your product presented?

U.: Currently, we are primarily focusing on Ukraine and the CIS countries. Our applications are localized for English-speaking and Russian-speaking users, but each person in the world is able to visit our resource and join GameTree.

L. T.: Are you going to add new features to your application?

U.: Indeed, we are working on the Matching friends feature based on the analysis of players’ preferences. Obtained information can be used for seeking like-minded fellows. It is quite important, as people not all that often like the same games, especially indie projects, and sometimes it is difficult to find the group of friends.

are going to add more games from independent developers in order to help them expand the audience, as well as to provide users with the better choice. A lot of people want to play such games but do not know how to find them, and Matching friends will simplifies this task, allowing to get acquainted with like-minded people and communicate with each other. Application will allow to find gaming friends in various parts of the world in order to share your hobby with them.

L. T.: How do you see the future of GameTree?

U.: We are focusing on the creation of the high-quality search system for gamers. I think that one should always improve developments based on experience, personal needs, and interests.

instance, marking passed games and examining marks of the same projects given by other users, one can understand better who has similar tastes. GameTree does not yet have any analogues: we offer users exciting experience with like-minded fellows, as well as seeking new games corresponding to their personal interests and preferences.

L. T.: What were participants interested in your stand the most?

U.: One of the activities on our stand was drawing tickets for The Kiev Major tournament. A lot of WEGAME 3.0 participants were interested in these tickets. It is also cool, as it is related with our product. GameTree application allows fans of Dota 2 to add this game to their favorites in order to find like-minded people to make friends with.

We were most commonly asked about indie game features, because the festival was attended by many independent developers. They were highly interested in this issue due to frequent difficulties with presenting their products for players.

L. T.: What do you think of WEGAME 3.0?

J. U.: The festival is cool and amazing. I like cosplayers in all of these interesting costumes. It presents a lot of well-known companies, various games, including indie projects, as well as diverse developments based on VR technology. Quite the thing for true gamers!

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