Interview with a director of COSMOLABZ, an exhibiting company at WEGAME 3.0

11 May 2017 Interview with a director of COSMOLABZ, an exhibiting company at WEGAME 3.0

Among the WEGAME 3.0 exhibitors, special attention was drawn to COSMOLABZ, best gaming computers builder in Ukraine. Its booth presented top products as well as a VR zone where attendees could immerse in VR games. Festival's journalist managed to talk to company's director Vladislav Strik and learn more about the work of COSMOLABZ.

Interviewer: Lidiya Tsenenko (L. T.)

COSMOLABZ representative: Vladislav Strik (V. S.)

L. T.: Please tell us about your company.

V. S.: We build and sell the coolest gaming computers in Ukraine providing full service that includes warranty maintenance and customization. We do everything that is related to PC. For example, we add water-cooling system, make engravings, painting, covering wires, etc.

Also, COSMOLABZ has an excellent website, that allows you to configure your PC yourself using relevant database of components that can be compared with each other. Our goal is to build cool gaming computers affordable to Ukrainian consumers.

L. T.: What are you presenting at your booth today?

V. S.: First of all, we present one of the computers of our own build using Asus and HyperX components. There is also a virtual reality system HTC Vive with helmet and controllers. We demonstrate its opportunities to attendees as VR today is a very topical subject.

There are VR attraction zones in shopping malls abroad, many users have VR devices at home, but in Ukraine virtual reality is still a novelty. Therefore, we introduce the technology to all interested people, offer an immersive VR experience and positive emotions.

L. T.: What can you say about WEGAME 3.0 festival?

V. S.: It’s cool. It grows from year to year. Number of booths, attendees and activities increase. Perhaps, in course of time, we will approach the scale of major Russian or event world events. In Ukraine, the industry is developing not so dynamically, but still we have our own audience.

At WEGAME, apart from gamers and cosplayers, representatives of large industry companies as Samsung and HyperX are gathered. This gives an opportunity to communicate not only with consumers, but also with manufacturers of game hardware and software. One can see and test a lot of interesting stuff at the festival.

Interview with a director of COSMOLABZ, an exhibiting company at WEGAME 3.0

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