Interview with Alexander Pushkar, chief editor and WEGAME 3.0 speaker

25 April 2017 Interview with Alexander Pushkar, chief editor and WEGAME 3.0 speaker

WEGAME 3.0 lectures, Alexander Pushkar shared his experience as a chief editor of the official YouTube channel called Igromania (more than 1.4 million subscribers). He told the audience how to gain popularity and earn money on video clips on computer games. After his presentation, the speaker talked to the festival journalist, telling her of the beginning of his professional way and recent career changes.

Interviewer: Lidiya Tsenenko (L. T.)

Speaker: Alexander Pushkar (A. P.)

L. T.: How did you start your professional way?

A. P.: I have been focusing on videogame journalism since the age of 15. When I was young and green, I wrote my first text, and the magazine accepted it. I really liked it. My major philosophy was revealed during the presentation: “I play games and get paid for it.” If this activity requires writing an additional text or shooting a video, I’ll do it with no trouble. What is the most important is that I can just live and enjoy my hobby without getting distracted by secondary tasks. And nobody can tell me something like: “Leave your games and get busy.”

L. T.: Prior to Igromania YouTube channel, you were a chief editor of the website. Why did you change the activity area?

P.: So it is, but recently everything has changed again. Three days prior to the WEGAME 3.0 festival, I left a position of YouTube channel chief editor and returned to a position of Igromania portal chief editor. I did not change the presentation topic but decided to share obtained experience in the video sector.

At proper time, I started working on the YouTube channel, because it seemed much more interesting for me than text work. I also wanted to light up on the screen, such a peculiar cocky moment.

L. T.: What do you think of WEGAME 3.0?

P.: I am heartily glad that the event has taken place for the third time, as Ukraine’s all similar events have been held only once or twice. It's a good thing that WEGAME is moving on. There are still many things to work on, but the foundation is laid.

have travelled across the world and seen many large foreign events, such as BlizzCon, EVE Fanfest etc. In comparison with these giants, we do have new challenges ahead. Wish WEGAME to reach such a high level like them and become even better.

We would like to recall that WEGAME website has already included materials about winners of eSports tournaments and cosplay contest of our third festival. You can find more interesting information in the News section.


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