Interview with Pavel Lenec – CEO at Arrible and speaker of WEGAME 3.0

18 May 2017 Interview with Pavel Lenec – CEO at Arrible and speaker of WEGAME 3.0

Arrible company was an exhibitor at WEGAME 3.0 and a participant of WEGAME Awards ceremony. It is raising funds for further investments in gaming projects based on VR and AR technologies as well as providing management and production services.

The game promoted by the company, Castle Wars, has received an award in the Best VR Game nomination. Besides that, the CEO and game producer at Arrible, Pavel Lenec, was a speaker at open lectures session and his presentation attracted a substantial interest. During the event, the press service of WEGAME asked Pavel questions about Castle Wars and his impressions of the festival.

WEGAME: What is Arrible showcasing at WEGAME 3.0 exhibition?

Pavel Lenec (P.L.): At WEGAME 3.0, we are presenting a virtual reality game called Castle Wars. We deliberately arranged two booths for people to play the game against each other or in teams. The project has been developed in Odessa by Ukrainian developers since October of 2016. The game is almost ready for the release; the final trials are being performed.

WEGAME: What do attendees of our festival say about Castle Wars?

P.L.: The feedbacks are excellent. Many people return to play for several times. Our most frequent visitor has attended the booth for five times in two days of the festival.

WEGAME: Please share your impressions of WEGAME 3.0.

P.L.: That’s a very interesting event with a pleasant atmosphere. Besides that, I gave a lecture here on April 8. It was for guys dreaming to become developers. It was nice to see their involvement as they are the future of Ukrainian game development.

You can read a short review of the presentation by Pavel Lenec at WEGAME 3.0 here.


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