The interview with a Ubisoft’s representative at WEGAME 3.0

19 May 2017 The interview with a Ubisoft’s representative at WEGAME 3.0

For the first time, Ubisoft Entertainment, its Ukrainian studio Ubisoft Kiev in particular, was among exhibitors of a demo zone at WEGAME 3.0. We discussed reasons for the studio’s growth, the company’s activities at the festival as well as the event itself with one of the representatives.

WEGAME: What content do you exhibit in your booth?

Ubisoft: We represent Ubisoft as an employer. The company is actively growing and developing, the number of production tasks is increasing and new vacancies are created.

We are looking for programmers, art specialists, game designers. In addition, we’ve opened a new department of game testing and need testers. All topical vacancies can be found in the booth or at the website where you can apply for the position.

Besides, there are lots of popular games developed by Ubisoft Entertainment in the booth. Visitors can test the product and even become a part of its creation.

WEGAME: What is an increase in the number of the staff connected to?

Ubisoft: The French company Ubisoft Entertainment has celebrated its 30 years recently, the Kiev studio is already 9 years but last two years have been the most successful for us. It happened thanks to a new strong management.

Moreover, work of our developers was highly evaluated by Ubisoft globally. The level of trust increased and the Ukrainian studio has been given much more interesting projects.

WEGAME: How do you like the festival?

Ubisoft: The event hasn’t finished yet and it’s too early to tell, but everything’s cool so far. There are lots of guys with glowing eyes. It is the most important for us because we love the company’s games.

When visitors come up to our booth and ask if they can play Watch Dogs 2, we are thrilled. It is also interesting to speak to gamers about our projects and learn about issues they are interested in. I think we will visit the festival next year.

We also prepared interviews with other WEGAME 3.0 exhibitors: Zona51, VR HUB, GameTree and others.


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