Interview with representative of Zona51 shop for gamers at WEGAME 3.0

13 May 2017 Interview with representative of Zona51 shop for gamers at WEGAME 3.0

One of the exhibitors of WEGAME 3.0 festival was a shop of upscale goods for gamers and e-sports athletes Zona51. The festival journalist interviewed Nikolay, who represented Zona51 at the stand of the festival. Besides services rendered by the shop, we’ve also discussed the event and asked Nikolay to offer something cool for the next year festival.

Interviewer: Lidiya Tsenenko (L. T.)

L. T.: Nikolay, tell us please more about Zona51 shop.

Zona51: Zona51 is the largest shop for gamers and enthusiasts in Ukraine. We have only top and the most high-quality products, we do not offer low-end goods. Zona51 devices are aimed at professional segment: such products are used by professional players and those planning to build an e-sports career.

L. T.: What do you present on your stand?

Zona51: We decided not to bring computers and accessories. Our stand mostly presents various merchandise, for example toys and trinkets. At festivals, such products are very popular, devices are not quite in demand. The most popular souvenirs are from such games as CS: GO and Dota 2, as well as everything related to comics.

L. T.: How do you estimate our third festival?

Zona51: We participated in the previous WEGAME festivals, as well as in the third one. We love this atmosphere. The first event had a truly interesting location, well, and the venue for WEGAME 3.0 looks quite creative as well. I’m looking forward to see how organizers will impress us next time.

L. T.: Do you have any suggestions regarding the next festival?

Zona51: first of all, it should be an interesting location, which would be second to none. And a lot of interactive stands. The festival should take place during warm months and include some kind of open-air Bacchanalia, for example hoverboard races or other similar entertainments. I’m sure, gamers would like it.

You can also read an interview with director of COSMOLABZ, another exhibiting company at WEGAME 3.0, which sells cool devices for gamers!


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