Interview with Anton Trokhimenko, VR HUB representative

10 May 2017 Interview with Anton Trokhimenko, VR HUB representative

The festival media office talked to Anton Trokhimenko, the representative of VR HUB. The company was an exhibitor of WEGAME 3.0 and drew great attention to its stand at the festival. Anton told about prospects of virtual reality technology in Ukraine and shared his thoughts regarding Ukrainian IT specialists.

WEGAME: Tell us please about VR HUB in detail. What does your company focus on?

Anton Trokhimenko (A. T.): Currently, VR HUB is a game platform where people can play and experience VR technology potential in a full manner. In future, perhaps, it will turn into a center for testing games developed in Ukraine. We also have our own virtual reality game projects.

WEGAME: Why have you decided to participate in WEGAME?

A. T.: This event is a perfect way to present your company and products. We want to show the broad audience our organization and such a high-tech area as virtual reality. We are interested in VR becoming more available for users. WEGAME has seemed to us an excellent platform for establishing business relations with other developers.

WEGAME: How soon will VR technology be available for the broad audience? Is it possible in Ukraine?

A. T.: Yes, indeed, it will happen sooner or later. The market is developing, and the amount of its participants is increasingly growing. It means that competition will be higher and higher, while the price for devices will reduces. It is quite possible that such clubs as VR HUB will become irrelevant just as computer clubs in due time. I think it will happen in a couple of years.

WEGAME: Do you think that Ukrainian developers have a chance to enter the international stage?

A. T.: A chance is huge. I am also a developer and know how Ukraine influences the IT sector. We have long left behind such major market participants as India and Pakistan in the game and software development area. I believe you have heard legends about IT specialists who earn more than members of parliament. It is partly true.

WEGAME: Is there a danger of Ukrainian specialists coming abroad?

A. T.: Surely, there is such a probability, but European wages in this sector are frequently lower than Ukrainian ones. Taking into account living expenses, moving there is disadvantageous. As for me, one should develop its own market, as Ukraine has an enormous potential.

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