Interview with representative of HyperX, Olga Andreeva

20 April 2017 Interview with representative of HyperX, Olga Andreeva

At WEGAME 3.0, the booth of HyperX, the eSports tournament sponsor, enjoyed special attention of visitors of all ages. The main reason for such popularity was the entertaining and thoroughly elaborated activity program, prepared by its representatives. We talked to the marketing representative of HyperX, Olga Andreeva, who told us about quests and shared her view of the festival.

Interviewer: Lidiya Tsenenko (L.T.)

Representative of HyperX: Olga Andreeva (O.A.)

L.T.: Please tell our readers about HyperX brand.

O.A.: Earlier, HyperX was a premium line of the USA-based Kingston Technology, which produces high technology computer hardware, including memory storage devices. In time, we decided to focus our efforts on the gaming direction, offering high-quality products at a reasonable price.

For this purpose, in 2015, HyperX formed a separate brand and invited a strong team. In several years of autonomous existence, we closed the line, providing our fans with everything needed for quality and cool play – from accessories to hardware peripherals.

Today we sponsor eSports clubs, themed events and show projects. In order to keep our fingers on the pulse, we actively collaborate with eSports communities and professional players. At WEGAME 3.0, HyperX sponsors the eSports tournament, and gamers can take part in interesting interactive activities at our booth.

L.T.: Which activities have you prepared for guests of the festival?

O.A.: To begin with, we offer everyone to collect his or her ideal computer by performing various tasks related to specific HyperX products. As long as participants fulfill tasks, they receive coupons, which can be exchanged for brand souvenirs. Also, we organize a lottery.  

Our booth features different company products that can be tested. For example, you can try using HyperX Pulsefire gaming mouse, which will officially arrive in the Ukrainian market in June. Besides that, in order to make visitors happy, we organized a fan meeting with the popular blogger Maks Shelest.

L.T.: What do you think of WEGAME 3.0?

O.A.: I like the festival. It’s cool and fan-oriented. Many visitors show true interest in our products, gladly communicate and give quality feedbacks. It allows us to understand what exactly users expect from HyperX products, and to improve ourselves. The weather was not good, but organizers did their best, thank you.

I would also like to thank the visitors of the festival for their commitment, creativity, and sociability. You are cool and joyful, keep doing what you like.

Interview with representative of HyperX, Olga Andreeva

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