The interview with a sound designer at Uni-Bit Studio Artem Samoylenko

20 April 2017 The interview with a sound designer at Uni-Bit Studio Artem Samoylenko

Artem Samoylenko, a composer and a sound designer at Uni-Bit Studio Inc., told WEGAME 3.0 visitors about the history and meaning of music in video games. The expert discussed details of the issue, shared his personal experience and answered questions of the audience. The festival’s press service talked to the speaker to learn more about topics explored during the presentation.

WEGAME: Is a sound designer on demand in Ukraine?

Artem Samoylenko (A.S.): I know quite a lot of Ukrainian sound designers who work only with games. They are pretty successful. But, as in any sphere, there are more people who want to join the industry but don’t have such an opportunity. I think the profession is on demand. But in Ukraine not all studios can afford such a specialist. Even a minimum amount of equipment necessary for a sound designer is quite expensive.

WEGAME: So, should companies involve outsourcing instead of hiring a staff member? Does it influence quality of products?

A.S.: Actually, there is almost no difference between products created by staff members and freelancers. The difference lies in something else. There are experts who create the same, even universal background music. They can be chosen for various projects but the material is not unique.

There are also individuals, artists, I’d say, who create a one-of-a-kind sound. Their works are rewarded, their sounds become a notable feature of the game. It’s like with popular music: some songs are trivial, the others are masterpieces. And it’s absolutely normal, every approach brings its benefits.

WEGAME: What would you recommend to beginners in sound design?

A.S.: They should start with portals such as Usually such resources gather random teams which are given a task to create a game from scratch in several days. Gaming jams help to launch worthy projects and give participants a valuable experience. They learn how to work under stress and with a deadline. They begin to understand what to do in the future.

You don’t have to know about all aspects of games’ development but, at least, understand components partially. So you become a little bit of both – a game designer and an artist – to elaborate your own style.

I would also advise to listen to different kinds of music. Various game settings and events need different sounds to emphasize their nature. You should develop in lots of spheres, gain knowledge – they’ll definitely be of service to you.

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