Interview with WEGAME 3.0 speaker Nikolay Yakovenko

27 April 2017 Interview with WEGAME 3.0 speaker Nikolay Yakovenko

Nikolay Yakovenko, a journalist and collector of retro consoles, reported during lectures as part of WEGAME 3.0, telling about the history of consoles, starting from the first models and up to date. Press office of the festival has talked to the speaker in order to found out about his hobby.

WEGAME: How long have you collected retro consoles?

Nikolay Yakovenko (N. Y.): For three years. During this time, I’ve collected a few dozens of consoles. I have no “ancient” consoles yet, but there are many interesting items, both portable and stationary.

WEGAME: How did this hobby started?

N. Y.: Well, since childhood I have been fond of games. Previously, I had only PS1, and it appeared even earlier than the PC. Then my colleague suggested me to play with his “old” PS2, which he did not need. Thanks to this console, I found out about many cool games that I have missed.

Later on, I decided to buy a few more consoles. The first one was Dreamcast from Sega, since I was dreaming about it in my childhood, but didn’t have enough money. Since then, I just buy new versions, adding them to my collection and just can not stop.

WEGAME: What can you say about our festival?

N. Y.: I like it. It is very pleasant to see so many enthusiasts here. Unfortunately, we have no such events in Odessa, there are interesting festivals, but their level is much lower. By the way, I came with my friends, and now help them to present their game. Exhibition has many interesting stands, there is much to see.

Interview with WEGAME 3.0 speaker Nikolay Yakovenko

I also enjoyed cosplay at WEGAME 3.0. I'm not really a big cosplay fan, but it was obvious that cosplayers do their best, and it was interesting to watch them. The festival really has a great atmosphere. It's nice to see a lot of people playing games and enjoying it.

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