Presentation of an eSports club form pro100

06 June 2017 Presentation of an eSports club form pro100

At the beginning of May, Daniil “Zeus” Teslenko announced rebirth of a legendary organization pro100 and creation of the first CS:GO team. He became its president and took on the leadership of a new multigaming eSports club. Ivan “F_1N” became a coach, Arseniy “ceh9” Trinozhenko – an analyst.

On June 4, the computer club ASUS CyberZone hosted a presentation of a new eSports club form pro100. Visitors had a chance to meet team participants and the coach. The main star of the event was, undoubtedly, Daniil Teslenko: he spoke about pro100’s victories, the organization’s plans and held contests.

Anyone was able to win a T-shirt, a cap or a memory stick by ASUS answering easy questions about pro100’s history. There was also a photo shoot and an autograph signing session with the club members.

Presentation of an eSports club form pro100

The WEGAME journalist discussed several topical issues with the captain of CS:GO Dmitry “def” Lemeshchuk.

The interviewer: Lidiya Tsenenko (L.T.)

L.T.: pro100 has great ambitions. When are you planning to be listed on the first page of rating?

def: We are approximately number 60 now. If we are lucky enough, we will be listed in the top 30 in several months. If not, we are planning to be there during six months.

Of course, we would like to be put on the list in 2 months but we’ll see how it goes. It’s not my target, actually. But when it happens, we will be happy.

L.T.: Is there a tournament you would like to win the most?

def: Any eSportsman wants to win the most prestigious tournament. Nowadays, it is Major by Valve. I guess, winning at the CS:GO Major Championship is considered the most prestigious.

L.T.: Zeus talked about creating the second pro100 team in CS:GO. Will it be “the second echelon” or a team equal to you?

def: It depends on Zeus’s decision. I have no idea. If pro100 has the second strong team in CS:GO, it will be an advantage. The stronger competition is, the better.

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